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Why I Want to Join C3 (Cebu Content Creators)?

C3 or Cebu Content Creators is a group of bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, photographers, etc. Basically, they are a community of creative and skilled content creators based here in Cebu. And I wish to be a part of this group.

How I Got to Know C3

Late last year, I had the pleasure of hosting C3’s Christmas Party. I was already part of HuaweiSugbo (a group of Cebu mobile photographers using Huawei phones) by then. Our group leader is also a C3 member and it was him who invited me to be a host at the party.

There I got to know Rome more, whom I already met in previous HuaweiSugbo events. I learned that he is heading the group and he was so welcoming. I also met other C3 members. Based on my interactions with them, I realized they are a great bunch of people. So, when the time came that they opened their doors for new members, I thought I’d try joining.

Apprehensions and Second Thoughts

At first, I was apprehensive of submitting my intent to join Cebu Content Creators. Although this blog has been around for a while, only this year have I decided to post more regularly. Even with that, I have a career to take care of and I have resolved to travel more this year and moving forward.

thinking if I should join C3. me sitting down deep in thought with the beach as background
Should I join C3? Can I be a committed member?

I thought I wouldn’t be a good fit since, for sure, C3 deserves members who are more committed to creating content. Perhaps, I wouldn’t have enough time to do that so am I worthy?

Top Reasons Why I Want to Join C3

Upon further reflection, I decided to go ahead and do it. I already submitted my membership requirements and I am writing this post to further show that I am definitely interested in becoming a C3 member. Here are my top reasons why:

1. C3 members are highly creative and energetic. Becoming a part of that community will certainly inspire me to create better content for this blog.

2. The group is composed of other bloggers and social media influencers who are welcoming and ready to provide support. What’s not to like? Most people in my life do not get what I do, but having a support group will more than make up for that.

C3 members were welcoming like the warm glow of the sunset.

3. I am hoping that being a C3 member will enhance me as a writer and help me be more dedicated to this blog.

4. Cebu Content Creators hold regular events and outreach programs that I am excited to be a part of.

5. The community encourages sharing and building each other up. Surrounding yourself with positive people is always a good idea.

6. I want to contribute more to the blogging, writing, and freelance community. As a C3 member, I believe I will have more opportunities to do that.

7. The members are simply cool people and I’d wanna be friends with them!

Tatak C3

Looking forward to new horizons

My membership application is still under review at the time of this posting. Whatever happens, I am glad to have this opportunity to get to know the C3 community.

I am definitely looking forward to becoming a member and contributing in whatever way I can to the group. If it is not in the cards for me to be a C3 member, I will still be thankful for the opportunity.

Let’s keep on creating!


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