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What You’ll Find While Motorcycling through the South of Cebu

Going through the South of Cebu on two wheels is a very satisfying experience. The winding roads growing exceedingly quieter the farther you go and the changing views through towns, tree copses and beaches are all worth a one day joyride. Add to that the the swaying of the motorcycle as it becomes one with the asphalt underneath its wheels, the rushing sound of the wind as it carelessly tangles the hair, and the peace and quiet inside the helmet – all of these provide a sense of freedom and joy that are hard to come by.

motorcycling through the South of Cebu

But even if you prefer the comfort of a car to that of a butt-numbing yet highly enjoyable motorcycle ride, you won’t regret a trip down Cebu’s southern roads on a sunny day. Here are just some of the things you might come across during the around 6 hours motorcycle ride (or car ride) down there.

**Main Pit-Stops**

1. Sibonga Municipal Hall

The municipality of Sibonga is well known for the Simala Church that’s located there. We weren’t able to stop by Simala during this trip but we were able to chill a bit at the Municipal Hall. It has this small but welcoming park on its grounds with well-manicured hedges and a fountain. Overall, the place was quite relaxing. As for the Municipal Hall building, it looks like any typical town hall in the Philippines – two stories, white, have designs that make you easily recall other Spanish-colonization-era buildings in the country. The whole place provided us with plenty of shade and quiet and I enjoyed our quick stop there.

municipal hall of Sibonga, Cebu
The Municipal Hall of Sibonga in the South of Cebu
the things you'll see at Sibonga municipal hall
the grounds of the municipal hall had a small park and there was a fountain, a statue and this sign, which in English reads “Tyrants won’t exist where there are no slaves” and “What would you do with freedom when the slaves of today are tomorrow’s tyrants?”

2. Boljoon Church

I am fortunate to have visited this historical church before the October 2013 earthquake that hit Bohol and Cebu, which damaged so many important structures in both islands, including Boljoon Church. A pseudo-baroque rococo style, this church has a simple facade but beautiful interiors. There was a bamboo organ there too last I visited and although not functioning anymore, it was still a delight getting close to it as you really don’t see much of old bamboo organs these days.

Boljoon Church South Cebu
the front of Boljoon Church
boljoon church inside
Boljoon church interior; the intricate ceiling artwork is worth at least 15 minutes of scrutiny

3. Club Fort Med

Located in Boljoon, Club Fort Med is one of the good beach resorts in the south of Cebu. It doesn’t really have a decent beach as you can see in the picture below, but the place is well maintained and has a pool for when you get tired of swimming in the sea. I couldn’t find their website so just see their Tripadvisor reviews for more information.

club fort med

4. Santander Helipad

As I understand it, this helipad is used by the rich living in town (coz apparently there are really rich families in the area who can afford helicopters). Aside from that though, I believe the helipad is also used by rescue choppers for emergency transfers. As for Santander, it is the southernmost municipality of Cebu and has ports that take people and cargo to the island of Negros. Upon reaching this helipad area, you will be treated to a gorgeous view of the sea.

Santander helipad
helipad in Santander used by the rich and by rescue helicopters

5. Torta stand

Riding through the south of Cebu, you will come across many Torta stands along the way so just take your pick. My friends and I stopped by this one (sorry can’t remember anymore the name of the store) and bought around 6 plastic bags of tortas to take back home.

Torta stand
Torta is a popular traditional Filipino dessert, a muffin like coffee cake made primarily of egg yolks and sugar.

Other Stuff:

There were other interesting stuff we passed by during this particular bike ride and I feel they are worth sharing to all of you because not only do they highlight the beauty of Cebu’s southern towns, some of the things we saw also brings home just how it is to live in the Philippines.

Being a tropical country, the Philippines is not only all about great weather and beaches; it is also about winding roads lined by lush green trees.

clean tree-lined road
chillin’ at the middle of the road

Most homes in the country have cemented walls. We passed by this cement factory and as you can see, the production of cement is a huge operation. You can feel and smell the cement dust on the air too in the immediate vicinity of this factory, which I think is not good at all. I just hope the government officials and residents of the area have taken the necessary measures to prevent all those cement dust from causing damage to the environment and to people’s health.

cement factory

Further south, we came across these lush rice fields. The green fields set against the backdrop of the blue sky will always be a scene I would appreciate.

rice field
a view of green rice fields – highly effective in taking stresses away

Despite the ever improving cinemas, clubs and other places of entertainment in Cebu, many baranggays in the rural areas still hold ‘discos’ during fiestas or other special days. That is why it isn’t strange to see big trucks carrying enormous speakers plying the roads of the island. As for what exactly happens during those discos, well usually the baranggay designates an open area (basketball courts or empty lots) where the speakers and sometimes a stage are set up. Come evening, those speakers will start blasting music so loud the whole neighborhood cannot mistake what’s happening. Late into the night, young people and young at hearts who love dancing will gather and then the dancing and drinking commence. Basically, discos are just another excuse for Filipinos to party and have fun. The next day, the speakers are loaded onto the truck and will be carried to the next baranggay with a fiesta.


disco truck
truck loaded with speakers for the next ‘disco’ in town

The Philippines is filled with beaches and here’s another one just lying around the bend.

one of the beaches in South Cebu

Along the way, we passed by this interesting lamp post. Took a picture of it because I thought it looked cute against the sky. On the way home, we were treated to the appearance of a tiny rainbow. I just love going to places for all the little beautiful surprises along the way.


All in all, that motorcycle trip down the south of Cebu was fantastic. True, I had several cramps and butt-numbing moments along the way, but I’d do this again in a heartbeat all for the beautiful views we came across and the freedom of riding a motorcycle.

2 friends on motorcycles
The two friends who granted me this awesome trip. Thank you very much O and C! Hope we could do this again soon!
friends collage
it is great to have friends who will drive you to beautiful places!

So, come this summer why not go with your rider friends through the South of Cebu on two wheels? Don’t have a biker friend? Just ride your car or take the bus. The joyride down there is what matters!

Who else enjoys riding through Cebu South? Raise your foot! ^_^



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