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Websites that Help Boost Productivity and Positivity

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Being productive and positive most of the time is definitely a worthy goal in my mind. If I am positive and productive, I feel I will enjoy life more and that’s what I am all about – trying to live life to the fullest. Of course, self motivation can only go so far. We all had bad days and will probably continue having those down moments in the future. Aside from asking the help of busy friends and family, the fact that there are so many websites out there that help boost productivity and positivity makes me happy. The below is my collection of really cool sites that continue to help me get things done and have a generally optimistic view in life. They might help you out too 🙂

I manage to keep on top of things and beat deadlines with the help of:

1. Lifehack.org – Productivity – this site contains short but very helpful articles on how to get things done. You will learn here so many techniques on how to do things more efficiently. Lifehack has really become an invaluable tool for not only me but for hundreds of others too.

2. Inc.com – this website also contains helpful productivity articles and I appreciate very much their tips and advice about leadership people-handling too.

3. Google products – Gmail, Drive, Keep, Chrome (technically a browser), and GTasks – what can I say? I’m very much a fan of Google and its products. Gmail is my number one choice when it comes to email, second would be Thunderbird. Drive helps me keep together all my spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and even photos. I mainly use it for spreadsheets though. Google Keep and Tasks make me more effective in managing my To Do/Watch lists. Keep has all my Travel and Finance to dos and is mostly used on mobile while Tasks has all my “to watch” and “to download” and is mostly used on the PC. The Keep mobile app by the way is excellent. Then there’s Chrome, a simple and very easy to use browser. My favorite feature is the ability to do a Google search right there on the location bar.

4. Evernote – this website, along with its desktop and mobile app, is simple amazing. It helps me keep all my notes in one place since it is basically that – an online notebook. It allows users to ‘clip’ a webpage or some parts of a webpage and then stores the information on the cloud, allowing for multi-device accessing. It gives users the ability to organize data by Notebooks, notes within notebooks, and tags. You can store articles, links, images, and other files in it. With Evernote, you remember everything!

5. Dropbox – in my opinion one of the best cloud storage available; it that allows me to access all my stored files wherever I am as long as I’m connected to the internet. Dropbox has really made things more convenient and easier to organize especially when doing some collaborative work that requires the back and forth sharing of files between people wherever they might be.

I manage to stay positive and gung-ho about life with the help of:

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1. Lifehack.org – Motivation – I repeated this site here because not only does it offer articles on how to be productive, it also provides helpful tips and advice on how to stay positive and what mindset to maintain in order to maintain productivity. It is a great source of inspiration for me whenever I feel down. It is also a great source of needed motivation for success.

2. Thought Catalog – contains realizations and advice from lots of insightful and helpful individuals online who have gone through certain experiences in life that made them great people.

3. Zen Habits – teaches readers how to flow more smoothly in life; I find it is best to visit this website when some perspective is needed.

4. Cracked and other funny sites – laughter is the best medicine they say and Cracked definitely has plenty of hilarious articles that will also make you learn new things. If I’m just looking for plain hilarious stuff though, I usually go to 9gag (humorous images and gifs) and Buzzfeed (fun lists) or browse Reddit/Humor and Youtube for some funny photos, images and stories (usually about cats hehe).

5. Pinterest (and my quotes board) – yes, I have a growing board over there filled with motivational and funny quotes, perfect for when I need some quick pick-me-up. I also collect on there photos of home interior and exterior ideas as I’m really saving up to build my own house. Plus, I have a travel board because the wanderlust cannot be cured!

6. Twitter – and my positivity feeds – I follow lots of people on Twitter who tirelessly tweet positive stuff and they are such an inspiration. Do follow me @Toploading4Life and let’s share all the positive stuff! ^_^

How about you, what websites or social media do you use to stay productive and positive?


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