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Watergate Hotel Butuan – Modern and Comfy Accommodation

I had the opportunity to stay in Watergate Boutique Hotel Butuan City during my 4th and 5th night in Butuan City, Philippines. My friends returned to Cebu at this point and I decided to remain in Butuan to explore on my own. We were primarily there to hold the Mind the Now 2, a photography workshop and photowalk. But since travel runs in my veins, I cannot just leave Butuan without some exploring.

Upon deciding to stay in Butuan on my own, I, of course, had to find a nice accommodation that provides relaxation and a great environment for working. As a digital nomad, I always take my work with me. #hustle

Watergate Hotel Butuan by the pool
Watergate Hotel Butuan – a haven in the city.

Thankfully, there’s one place in Butuan City that provides exactly what I needed and that’s Watergate Hotel. And this is my review of this Butuan accommodation.

Watergate Hotel Rooms

I was traveling solo at this point, but I stayed in a Twin Room, which was great because that meant I had more space to myself, yay! The room I stayed in was spacious enough and since it is a Twin Room, 2 people can fit in there with no problem.

Watergate Hotel twin room in Butuan
The Twin Room I stayed in at Watergate Hotel.

What I really love about the room is its contemporary design. There’s just something about modern, clean, and sleek lines that makes me happy. The room easily achieved the right balance of minimalism and comfort. That means there are enough amenities without the clutter or the unnecessary. For me, that’s perfect!

Watergate Hotel twin room amenities

As for the bathroom, I have no complaints there. The warm shower and toilet worked perfectly. The bathroom was also spacious and modern in design.

bathroom at Watergate Hotel
Look at this modern and clean bathroom with warm shower!

Overall, my room was well-appointed, highly comfortable, and a great place to do my freelance work in!

Contact details:

The Internet

The internet at Watergate was really fast during my stay. There was a desk in the room, which I used a lot. It was equipped with a desk lamp and several outlets were within easy reach.

desk in the hotel room for work
My office during my stay there. Sweet!

I was able to do a lot of work in that room – answer my emails, meet my deadlines, and submit articles. I even managed to watch a few Netflix videos. Hey, one has gotta relax, too! 😀

The Pool

Watergate is to me a business hotel but that doesn’t mean it cannot provide comfort to guests visiting Butuan for leisure. They have a pool that’s perfect for cooling down after a day of touring around Butuan City.

Watergate Hotel Butuan pool
The inviting pool of Watergate Hotel

I felt that it was so nice lounging by the pool. The poolside furniture was so welcoming and also modern in design. In fact, they were designed by the renowned Kenneth Cobonpue, which means stylish, contemporary, and luxe!

Other Amenities

Watergate is located centrally so it just makes sense that people go there for various purposes. The hotel rises to the occasion by providing function halls, rooms for families (with a pantry), and even a souvenir shop.

Watergate Hotel family room
The huge family room that had a pantry, ensuite bathroom, and a lounge area.

They also have a restaurant where they serve breakfast. And there is a spa within the premises, which means you can easily get a massage there or in your room. Attached to the hotel building is a commercial space with a Chinese food establishment and a coffee shop (Fulcrum). There is even a salon and an ATM there. Seriously, the place is super convenient for travelers.

Friendly and Accommodating Staff

I found everyone at Watergate Hotel to be friendly and accommodating, from the guard, the reception desk staff, to the people who cleaned my room.

When I requested my room to be made up, I returned to a tidy room with no problems. When I ordered room service, the food and beverage were delivered promptly.

room service meal
The room service meal I ordered. Yum!

Watergate Hotel Butuan Review Summary

Thank you so much, Watergate, for my wonderful stay in the hotel.

If you guys are ever in Butuan City, there are many nice accommodations to choose from in the area.

These were the rates when I visited. Do check with them for current room rates.

But if you’re looking for a place that provides great amenities, comfortable rooms, and top-notch service for a reasonable price – then Watergate Hotel is perfect for you!


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