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Visiting the Home of the Gods – Dieng Plateau, Indonesia

If we are to visit the home of the gods, what would it be like? Indonesia’s Dieng Plateau tries to give an answer.

dieng plateau

Sitting at 2,000 meters above sea level, this marshy plateau is located near Wonosobo, Central Java. It’s name translates to ‘Abode of the Gods’, which is justified by its impressive sceneries steeped in ancient history and made more alluring by the volcanic activity in the area.

Arjuna Temple Complex

Leaving Candi Borobudur before lunch time, we resumed our road trip. Wounding through rice terraces and vegetable plantations, climbing ever higher on the mountain and feeling the air getting colder – we finally reached a sizable town where Aji, our van driver, decided we should stop for lunch.

At first he wanted to take us to somewhere fancy where tourists were supposed to eat, but we told him we were on a budget and would like a more local and authentic experience. So he took us to a small warung makan (eatery) managed by his friend, an older guy who promptly asked us if we were from the Philippines and then told us Filipinas are pretty. LOL

After lunch, Aji then took us to this complex of small temples nestled on the plateau. Said to be constructed in the 8th or 9th century, they are among the oldest in Central Java. There were lots of students there when we visited but they were very friendly and I actually envied them for having all these wonderful places in their country they can visit any time for their field trips. The air up there was cold and refreshing and the beauty of the surrounding mountains has become a very fond memory of mine.

the Arjuna Temple Complex at Dieng Plateau
mysterious ancient temple built by unknown people high up on a plateau surrounded by beautiful nature <3
arjuna temple complex
It was quite crowded when we visited, but most of the people around are locals and students on tour. For me the crowd just added to the charm since I was able to people watch and learned a bit how the locals interact with each other.

Sikidang Crater

Methinks no abode of the gods is complete without some display of power. For Dieng Plateau, one only needs to take a short trip to the Sikidang Crater to experience the less tame beauty of the area.

at the Sikidang Crater Indonesia
rugged beauty around Sikidang Crater

Right away, at the start of the short trek to the volcano crater, the rotten egg smell of sulfur assaulted our nostrils. Despite the horrible odor, we just couldn’t ignore the beautiful mountain scenery around us punctuated by white smoke curling out of the ground here and there.

way to Sikidang Crater
inhospitable land in the midst of lush mountains – on the way to Sikidang Crater

Finally, I arrived at the gaping crater and for a few moments was transfixed by the boiling sulfur within and the smoke and heat coming out of it. Surely if there were ill-tempered gods in the area, it would be an easy matter to let the scorching sulfur and lava boil out and snuff the lives of anyone nearby. Yes it is fearsome, yet to me who has never been near a volcano crater before – Sikidang Crater was fascinating.

Sikidang Crater in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
the fearsome gaping crater. swimming is obviously not advisable 😀

The Color Lake

Before the sun set, we were able to visit another jewel on Dieng Plateau’s crown. True to its name, the Color Lake is like a multi-faceted gem that shows off its shining hues once exposed to light. The setting sun provided just the right lighting for the sulfuric waters to glow beautifully. We saw shades of blues, reds, yellows and greens on the water and I couldn’t help but fall under the lake’s spell of beauty and relaxation.

the Color Lake Yogyakarta, Indonesia
showing off its colors as the sun was setting

Trip Back to Jakarta

After enjoying ourselves at Dieng Plateau, our driver and guide for the day took another route back to the center of Yogyakarta to allow us to enjoy more of the changing landscapes and rural views. He also made a stop at a local-priced store as per our request where we purchased local coffee and tea or teh as they call it. He was an excellent guide overall and we’re very thankful for his services.

As much as we loved Yogyakarta, it was finally time to leave it and go back to Jakarta. One more day of gallivanting in Indonesia! ^_^ Here’s our jaunt in Jakarta.

me with these pretty Indonesian students
with lovely and friendly Indonesian students


  1. I planned to visit Indonesia, actually I was hoping we could visit Indonesia this March, but it was changed to SG. So I didn’t join the conference. Will have my own trip to SG on August. haha

    these are good places to visit in Indonesia. Will take note of these.

  2. I love the colour lake. I rarely read blogs except for the comment exchange and this had actually help widen my perspective of life and the world… Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, I would love to visit the home of the gods when we go to Indonesia next year. The view looked something taken out of a postcard. These are fine examples of Mother Nature’s beauty.

  4. Me trying to be cheeky: Has someone tried to boil some hot spring eggs in that steaming crater????
    And I agree, the colour lake is beautiful.

  5. Hi, I am Vanessa Ally. I can almost feel the special energy of this place! I am dying to visit the Arjuna Temple Complex myself! The Sikidang Crater photos are also spectacular and breathtaking!

  6. Those temple ruins reminded me of the temple ruins of Ayuttayah in Thailand where we rode an elephant. So good that these ancient ruins are still there for you to see. – Fred


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