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Bai Hotel’s Twilight Roofdeck Bar – Perfect for Chilling

Looking for a great place to chill with family and friends or an awesome venue for a date? I highly recommend the Twilight Roofdeck Bar on the 23rd floor of Bai Hotel.

Enjoying the bar’s ambiance

My friends from HuaweiSugbo and I recently visited this place and we enjoyed every moment. My friend, Kristal, was also with us and she enjoyed herself as well. So, why was the roofdeck bar such a great place for us? Here are my top reasons:

Amazing Views from Up High

There is something so satisfying about looking at sweeping views from up high. I arrived at the Twilight lounge early in the evening. The moment I stepped onto the roof deck, a lighted up Mandaue nightscape greeted me and I had to stop a moment to just appreciate everything. It was beautiful.

Enjoy Mandaue’s cityscape, all lighted up at night.

Twilight has a covered area but also has alfresco seating on two sides. This means you will be able to enjoy a great city view and a harbor view!

There’s a harbor view for you to enjoy, too.

They Serve Mocktails, Oh Yeah!

I am a teetotaler, meaning I don’t drink alcohol. So, I normally don’t see the appeal of going to bars since all these places are generally all about liquor. But, sometimes, I do find myself in bars to meet friends and it is always a struggle to find a decent non-alcoholic drink.

Shirley Temple and Blue Bai You mocktails. I enjoyed both.

To my surprise and pleasure, Twilight Roofdeck Bar serves mocktails, yay! These are drinks fancier than your regular iced tea, look like typical bar fare, but don’t contain a single drop of alcohol. This alone is reason enough for me to visit Bai Hotel again. The fact that I can enjoy my mocktails while surrounded by a gorgeous view is a major win!

Note: Since they are a bar, they do serve wines and other liquor that bar-goers are accustomed to.

Their Bar Food Are Uniquely Delicious

Bai Hotel’s Twilight doesn’t just serve typical bar food. They are all about showcasing the Cebuano cuisine and other delicious treats as well. They serve Chicharon Bulaklak, you guys! This is street food with a twist – crackling of fried pork mesentery with native green papaya salad. Yum~

Aside from that, you can also order Salpicao with Pita Bread, Kikiam, Ngoyong, and Dynamite Chilli Pepper. Craving for something with a Japanese twist? The Ebi Tempura, Twilight Gojira Rolls, Tuna and Salmon Sashimi, and Chicken Yakitori are worth a try.

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the food because I was so busy devouring them. Haha. So, here’s another shot of the beautiful view surrounding Bai hotel. On the right, you can see the hotel’s pool area, another great place to hang out!

Great Service and Ambiance

The whole place is very chic and well-designed. The gorgeous views are made more beautiful by the highly comfortable seating. The furniture is modern and even plays with lights. The wait staff, meanwhile, were attentive and catered to our needs quickly.


In-House DJs

To really give you a memorable experience, Twilight plays pleasant music within the premises. They also have in-house DJs who can set the mood just right and give you a relaxing experience.

The Twilight Experience

I totally enjoyed the Twilight Experience. I had a great time just chilling there with my friends. And at that time when I went there, it turned out a known vlogger (Daniel Marsh) was staying at the hotel and so I got to see him in the lounge. To be honest, I don’t know this guy because I don’t watch travel videos as I prefer to do my own traveling 😀 But, Jomie Hospital, a Youtuber whose content I enjoy also went there. Got to take a picture with him, too, so that made me really happy!

Jomie, I always find your videos hilarious!

Overall, the Twilight experience is definitely worth trying for yourself. Relax and be comfortable. Clear your mind as you take in the beautiful views. And, who knows, you might just experience unforgettable serendipitous moments!


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