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That Day When the Ground Shook

Who knew that October 15, 2013 would turn out to be such a devastating day for so many people in Bohol and in Cebu. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit both islands at around 8 AM, sending thousands into panic and hurting hundreds, particularly in Bohol where the epicenter was. Other islands in the Visayas felt the ground heaved too but not as much as in Bohol. Thankfully, it was a national holiday in the country; if not people would have been at work and children would have been in school. Many, many more would have been hurt.

As for me, I was still sleeping when the quake occurred. Normally, it’d take another hour for me to regain full awareness after waking up. But when the house started shaking and things started falling and breaking, I got out of bed and dashed out of my room in seconds! It was scary, but somehow I still retained a bit of presence of mind to turn off our computer and pull out electric plugs. I was worried that if I leave those, a fire might happen. I was about to go out the door when the shaking stopped. After a cursory check of our walls and posts, I thought the house was okay so I just stayed in.

Then power went out and our water supply stopped too. Mobile networks became unreliable as well and it became increasingly hard to send and receive texts and calls. While people were still trying to calm themselves out there on the street outside our home, I checked my phone trying to find any news of what happened. Surprisingly, Facebook turned out to be an excellent source of information. More important, it allowed me to quickly check if my relatives and friends were okay. So thank you FB!

As more news poured in, I learned that the earthquake’s epicenter was in Bohol. People also started posting photos of ruined churches, roads, establishments and home. Worst, news started coming in about people getting seriously hurt. Then the aftershocks came one after another and many people, including myself, did not get proper sleep that night. Overall, it was just a horrible day.

As of the making of this post, two days has passed after the earthquake happened. The injury and death toll reported on the news kept increasing. We can still feel some aftershocks but most people in Cebu are now back to work. For the Boholonos though, it would still take a bit of time to recover. Relief efforts are now underway and here are some information I’ve gathered:

  • University of Cebu – they are accepting donations for all affected areas in Bohol. Water, canned goods, and medicine are direly needed there at the moment.
  • If you know any willing doctor or nurse volunteers for Bohol, PAL is providing free transport for them. They can call 8512980 or 8558000 local 2653. Thank you. We need all the help. – message from Oplan Bangon Bohol Facebook page
  • President Aquino and the Malacañang Palace are also helping out.
  • Ayala Foundation accepts online donations for both US-based and local donors. For bank donations, ATM, online, mobile, and over-the-counter transactions are accepted in its BPI account:
  • Account No: 0011-1335-41
  • Merchant Name: Ayala Foundation, Inc.
  • Reference Number: D315004 + Donor’s name
  • The Philippine Red Cross is accepting donations in various forms, including PayPal, Cash, Check, Bank Deposit, or in-kind donations. Kindly check out the Philippine Red Cross donations page for additional details. You can also follow the Philippine Red Cross on Twitter for updates and links to information.
  • For more information on where to send any aid you wish to give, click here.

Let us do what we can to help. To everyone affected in Bohol and Cebu, stay strong!

How about you guys, what was your experience with the earthquake?


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