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That Canvas Breakfast One Sunny Day

It’s been more than a year since Canvas opened in Ayala, Cebu. I still remember passing by this restaurant during its opening week. Curious at the Australian cuisine it offers and its then unique industrial look and contemporary interior design, I went in and was blown away by the excellent service and extremely delicious food. The memory of the scent and taste of those sausages and that filling meat pie still make me salivate to this day. I’ve gone back to Canvas several times since then as it has become one of my fave restos in Ayala.

open kitcjen in Canvas located in Ayala, Cebu
Canvas’s open kitchen. Quite fun watching the kitchen staff at work and the fire erupting from pans containing delicious goodness.

Fast forward to 9AM this morning, I was at Ayala to pay my E-census NSO birth certificate order at BDO. Normal bank hours in the city starts at 9AM so I didn’t think much about this until I was confronted by the guard at one of the mall’s doors telling me I can’t go in because the mall opens at 10AM. Okay…

I had an hour to kill. I remembered I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and that Canvas has recently advertised that they have a breakfast menu.

So I headed to the Terraces part of Ayala where most of the restaurants are located. The guard just asked me where I was going and calmly let me through once I told him my destination.

So, Canvas is deserted at 9AM, I was the first customer and when I came in, the staff were still going through the motions of opening the place. One waiter was still cleaning the glass doors, the kitchen staff were still preparing their equipment for the day and there were still trays of what I thought were marinated food waiting to be processed on one of the tables.

Canvas at 9AM, dark and deserted
Canvas empty of people and still dark because it just opened for the day.

Despite all these, service was prompt as expected and the breakfast menu given to me was one page full of delicious sounding options. After mulling over the selection, I finally ordered a cup of cappuccino and half a plate of herb ricotta pancake with scrambled eggs and mushrooms. Just add a few pesos and you can have a whole plate serving, which to me is more than I can take so I just ordered the half plate option.

breakfast menu of Canvas in Ayala, Cebu
The Canvas breakfast menu . Some meals can be ordered in either half-plate or whole-plate serving.
Canvas art for sale
Oh and there are framed art for sale at the restaurant since it also functions as an art gallery. It is named Canvas after all ^_^

The cappuccino came first. At Php 80.00 a cup, it was okay but nothing to rave about. Frankly, I’ve tasted better cappuccino elsewhere, but that’s okay since coffee isn’t what Canvas specializes in.  I savoured my drink’s foamy richness anyway and enjoyed inhaling that fresh ground coffee scent.

cappuccino from Canvas
The cup of cappuccino that served its purpose – wake me up and let me experience the beauty of diuretics 😀

After around 20 minutes wait, the food came. Just as I thought, half a plate serving was just enough for me. Then I started eating, only to find the pancake very moist and gooey at its center. Erm, I’m used to my pancakes not gooey and I really thought that part was all uncooked batter.

So I asked one of the staff if this was meant to be this way; after all it was my first time eating a fancy pancake such as this herb ricotta thing on my plate. She promptly took the food away and had it checked by the chef. I could see them talking as Canvas has an open kitchen. After some discussion and after a few glances thrown my way by the chef, they decided to redo my food. I just smiled at them and said thank you ’cause I always go by the mantra “never piss off anyone who serve your food”. Get them angry and retaliation can come in many disgusting forms. Blech. Chefs are still people after all and you never know what kinds of troubles they have. I’m not suggesting that Canvas staff aren’t professional, but better safe than sorry right?

Anyway, my pancakes came back properly cooked this time. I was informed the gooey stuff was the cheese, but eh I still prefer ungooey pancakes. Finally I was able to enjoy my meal and it was delicious.

herb ricotta pancake from Canvas
Herb ricotta pancake with scrambled egg and mushrooms. Sorry kinda blurry camera phone picture.

True to its name, I savoured the herb taste of the pancake, which complemented well with the lightly salted scrambled egg and the basil coated sauteed mushrooms. There were also three slices of slightly singed tomato on my plate. I finished everything. It was filling and I was sated. I finished my coffee and asked for the bill. The pancake cost Php 155.00.

breakfast pancake at Canvas
Here’s a shot of the pancake actually showing. Blurry again pfft. Must be the hunger 😀

Overall, I was satisfied with the Canvas brand of service. In total, I spent Php 235.00 for breakfast, which I thought was money well spent at this restaurant. I am looking forward to trying the other options on their breakfast menu. ^_^

(Side note: first time writing a post here using mobile phone, yay!)


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