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Surfing in Siargao – A Closer Look

Yes, Siargao is best known as one of the few parts in the Philippines that offer great surfing opportunities. I waited this long to see what’s the big deal because frankly, I’m not much into surfing since I couldn’t swim and I’m sure imminent death awaits if I so much as look at a surfing board with intentions to ride it. Anyway, surfing is still a big part of Siargao so decided to go and see what’s the fuss about. Went to check it out right after I finished my island hopping tour. Also, I couldn’t disappoint friends and office mates who specifically requested to see pictures of surfer dudes.

surfing in Siargao, Philippines

The main surfing spot in Siargao is at Cloud 9, which is just a 5 minute walk from my accommodation. Upon arrival, what greeted me was throngs of people of all ages lugging surfboards either confidently or awkwardly. Most of them were in their swim clothing and most were tanned except for the new arrivals who are yet about to be burned. There was a walkway right in the middle of Cloud 9 and it led to a rickety looking 3-story structure, which served as a place for spectators to get good views of the surfer dudes and dudettes frolicking in the ocean. I climbed way up to the 3rd floor since the 1st and 2nd were crowded, and as you know, I’m not much into crowds hehe. Anyway, the 3rd floor provided the best vantage point in my opinion, and I certainly enjoyed myself there marveling at some of the skillfully crazy antics of the surfers.

The Boardwalk Cloud 9 surfing center in Siargao
Cloud 9 – this is where you go to get the most of Siargao’s surfing action

Some of the surfers coolly rode the burgeoning waves as if they were Poseidon’s little children and they didn’t have a care in the world. There were others though who failed to ride the waves so they got buried under the foam with my eyes glued to them just in case they didn’t resurface and I can then start flailing my arms in alarm. Fortunately, despite all the tumbles they took and no matter how many scary, foamy waves crash into them and drag them down, those surfers climbed back up their boards and eagerly awaited the next wave so they could ride again. I definitely understand now why those people get a rush when surfing. If those big waves that they have to ride lest they get overwhelmed provided some heart-stopping moments for a mere spectator like me, how much more to those people right there facing the foamy death? Or I might just be overreacting and the waves were probably not that big for them because it wasn’t surfing peak season when I visited hehe. Anyway, long story short, I definitely enjoyed the 2 hours I spent just sitting there watching and taking photos and videos of the surfers and I’ve gained much respect for those who engage in this adventure sport.

surfers in Siargao
here you go dear office mates – them cool surfer dudes!
surfer girls in Siargao
amazing ladies of the surf

Tired but satisfied, I headed back to my resort and got dinner. The rest of the night was uneventful and this time, I was able to get some proper, restful sleep. Sunday morning came and it was time for me to leave Siargao behind. After my breakfast, IĀ  packed, said goodbye to Rick and Marie, and waited for the van that will take me to the airport. It was time I end my holiday and go back to the work and family realities waiting for me in Cebu. It was such a bittersweet moment for in just 2 days, I’ve come to love Siargao. Being the first island where I experienced solo travel, it will always have a special place in my heart.

beautiful sunset in Siargao
Siargao treated me to this lovely sunset the afternoon before I left. I’ll definitely go back there ^_^

That trip to Siargao has changed me so much. From being a plan-at-least-six-months-in-advance traveler, I’ve learned to loosen up a bit, take leaps of faith here and there and just go with the flow from time to time. Most of all, I’ve fallen more in love with traveling because there’s nothing like it when it comes broadening the mind and strengthening character.



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