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Supercharge Your 2018 Adventures with These Action Gadgets!

January 2018 is drawing to a close and for sure you already have a LOT of adventures planned for the rest of the year! You’ve probably committed to memory all of this year’s long holidays already. Cebu Pac / PAL / AirAsia and more announced a sale? You were there, patiently enduring the sleeplessness just to book a cheap flight. You’ve got your travel calendar filled and you’re ready to roll. So, what’s next?

How about sprucing up your travel gadget arsenal?

Partnering with XtremeGadgets

This blog is partnering with XtremeGadgets to bring you more wonderful travel stories. XtremeGadgets sell a wide range of adventure gadgets and accessories. The best part is that their products are highly friendly to our wallets.

Use the code "TOPLOAD" for 5% discount at XtremeGadgets

Full disclosure: I won’t be partnering with them nor writing about their products if I’ve not tried a few of their gadgets and found them good. When I went to Fukuoka recently, my phone was always needing a charge because I use Google Maps often and it is also my main camera. Thankfully, I bought a Mi powerbank (20,000 mAh) from XtremeGadgets before the trip and that was a lifesaver. I could go 2 days straight without charging my phone via a wall socket!

During my trip to Butuan this January, my friends and I had the chance to visit Surigao’s Enchanted River and it was such a beautiful place that you’d really want to take great photos there. The SJ7 Star action camera I got from XtremeGadgets helped me do this and we got awesome underwater videos and photos. So, yeah, I am really happy to be partnering with XtremeGadgets for this blog!

If you do decide to purchase any accessory or tripod from them, do use my code “TOPLOAD” for 5% discount! More savings for you, guys!

So, what devices can you get from them to supercharge your travels? By using the following gadgets, capturing every amazing moment during your trips will be easy.

1. Drone

Okay, we’ve seen drones used by various travelers out there. They are perfect for taking overhead shots of sweepingly gorgeous views. The catch is that they are super expensive. The new DJI Mavic Air, for example, costs a whopping $799, which is about PHP 40,000! Not all of us can afford this, sadly.

Still, this doesn’t mean you should give up on drones entirely. There are various entry-level options out there. They are more affordable and will be a good starting point for you to master drone control.

A good alternative option is the Elfie Pocket Drone or the Baby Elfie. It only costs around PHP 3,000, is lightweight, and easy to control. Then, there is the Visuo Siluroid Drone, which costs around PHP 4,000. These prices are just around 7-10% of the price of a DJI! You can get them from XtremeGadgets by visiting their shops in Maze, Ayala or Parkmall. Or you can order through their Facebook page and they’ll ship it to you no matter where you are in the Philippines!

The Baby Elfie drone. So cute!

2. Action Camera

I have wanted an action camera for so long now, but the price of a GoPro has always been so high for me. The GoPro Hero6 retails at around PHP 23,000 and I could already use that money for a whole week in Japan! So, yeah, I’ve held off buying an action camera. That is until I became aware of XtremeGadgets and the alternative action cameras they offer.

My action cam at the moment – the SJ7 Star. I love it!

Early this January, I decided to give myself a New Year gift in the form of the SJ7 Star action camera! It costs less than half the GoPro Hero6 plus it came with all needed accessories. I got a monopod with remote control plus a dome accessory. The box also contained all the needed mounts – for your dashboard, for a helmet, for a tripod, etc. I consider it such a great value for money, especially since I got to capture these awesome moments:

Butuan and Surigao are amazing places filled with stunning natural beauty. The experience was made more special by my SJ7 Star action cam and Dome accesory, which made this awesome shot possible! They cost less than mainstream action cam devices. Get them at @xtreme_gadgets Use my code “TOPLOAD” for 5% discount! Of course, big thank you to the #HuaweiSugbo team for making this trip happen. It feels awesome to be surrounded by creative and adventurous people like you! Color me impressed and inspired! . . . #butuan #mindanao #philippines #sj7star #sj7starcamera #underwater #travelgram #instapic #traveler #travelogue #traveldiaries #travelbug #travelmore #adventureanywhere #neverstopexploring #wanderlust #wanderer #traveler #travelexperience #goexplore #phonephotography #photographyislife #fff #f4f #followforfolow #instapassport #travelgram #traveler #adventureanywhere

A post shared by Dannea Moneva (@danneasedai) on

A post shared by Dannea Moneva (@danneasedai) on

For even cheaper action camera options, check out XtremeGadgets’ SJ6 Legend (costs around PHP 6,000.00), M20 (around PHP 5,000.00), and SJ4000 (retails at around PHP 3,000.00).

3. Action Camera Accessories

If you already have an action camera or even if you have decided to use your phone to capture your travel memories, certain accessories will take your pictures to a whole new level!


A dome will enable you to take photographs that involve above-water and underwater elements.

Just like this! Here’s me goofing around with my friend, Rome.
Here is a sample dome for the GoPro Hero. You can also get domes for SJ Cams.


The right mount will make sure you take stable photos no matter what is happening around you. Examples of mounts are tripods, monopods, dashboard mounts, and even harnesses.

Pro Tip: Most of the mounts sold by XtremeGadgets can be used for both action cameras and smartphones. All you need is a smartphone adapter in order to use the tripods, monopods, and harnesses meant for GoPros and other action cameras.

Level Up Your Travel Pictures!

Let’s have a 2018 full of adventures, guys! To make sure you immortalize your travel memories in gorgeous photos, give the above gadgets a try. Check out the rest of XtremeGadgets’s products too, including their powerbanks, chargers, adaptors, and more.

If you are in Cebu, you can find them at Maze, Ayala or Parkmall. You can also contact them through their Facebook page here. Or you can buy their products via Lazada. They ship anywhere in the Philippines. Don’t forget my code, “TOPLOAD” for more savings. You’ll enjoy a 5% discount on your tripod or accessory purchases!

Want to know more about the SJ7 Star? Ask me in the comments. Let me know, too, if you’ve purchased anything from XtremeGadgets and tell me about your experience. Cheers!


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