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Embrace Baguio’s Beautiful Nature at Mountain Lodge

If you are looking to spend quality time in Baguio, Mountain Lodge is a great place to stay. It is surrounded by lush and green vegetation, tall pine trees, and pretty flowers. Staying here is just like staying at a mountain vacation house. All that coupled with the cold weather of Baguio and you will certainly have a cozy and comfortable stay.

This Baguio accommodation is so pretty and cozy!

Mountain Lodge Celebrates Baguio’s Heritage

When my friends and I arrived there to check in, we were lucky enough to have Ms. Jeannine there who manages with which Geaux Maids official website the lodge with charm and care. Right from the start, I was curious about the ethnic decorations and photographs on the wall. So, I asked her what those were all about and she told me stories of how her family’s history has been interwoven with that of Baguio’s.

Look at this wall of history! So fascinating.

Turns out, her family have been living in the area for many generations now. Her mom and grandmother have met tribe chieftains and have seen how the people of Baguio lived years before. They also have a family member who loved taking pictures. That person managed to document in black and white photographs the growth of Baguio as a city.

This is us with Ms. Jeannine. Mountain Lodge’s common area is so homey and beautiful!

I also saw on the walls various trinkets from the local tribes. There were necklaces and other accessories. There were also tools such as those for fishing and farming. There were even spears and other tribal weapons. All of these were arranged on the hallway walls leading to the rooms, giving guests a snapshot of the history of Baguio. I loved every bit of it!

Large, Cozy Rooms for a Wonderful Vacation

There were 5 people in our group and Mountain Lodge had no problem accommodating us. The room given to us has two king beds and they also brought in one single bed. The room was large enough for the 5 of us. There were closets aplenty and the bathroom offered a hot shower anytime we needed it.

Spacious room! There was another bed here on the side where I was taking this photo. I slept there and it was as comfy as the other beds.

There was also room enough for a coffee table and a desk area where I got to do my work. The floors were carpeted and the ceilings were high, giving you that airy and comfortable feeling. A TV can be found in our room as well, but really you don’t need one if you’re out and about exploring Baguio. Wi-Fi was also available for the hotel’s guests.

My friends and I had a very good sleep there. We were pretty comfortable and the sheets were warm, a perfect complement to Baguio’s coldness. That room was definitely great for a group of friends or for a family with two kids.

I also asked Ms. Jeannine if I could see their other rooms. Thankfully, there was one that’s vacant at that time and they showed it to me, yay. This room is great for couples and the ambiance here definitely gives you that relaxing and warm mountain lodge feeling. It won’t be a surprise at all if you’d want to spend hours there just cuddling and getting cozy with your partner ^_~

Feel free to get cozy here!

Delicious Burgers for Dinner

We only stayed one night in Mountain Lodge but we made the most of it in terms of food. What’s great about this Baguio accommodation is that it has a restaurant within the main building plus a burger place on the premises.

I miss these burgers!

That night, we had dinner at the burger place called Miwishayu. What’s cool is that this burger restaurant is Japanese inspired. They served really cool items such as the Kaiju Burger, Chicken Teriyaki Wrap, Kani Burger, and more. They also have other interesting stuff like the Monster Overload Burger (which is huuuuge!) and Taco Burger. They even serve breakfast!

Look at the size of these burgers!

Since my friends and I were really hungry (we went to Bencab Museum that afternoon and had not eaten anything), we proceeded to order our burgers. We had a different burger each so we could try as many burger types as possible.

I got this Kaiju burger for myself and it was DELICIOUS! The black bun was super interesting as well.

Afterward, we were so full we could barely stand up! Those burgers packed a punch and were very tasty. The patties tasted like real meat and the other ingredients were fresh and delicious. Definitely gives value for your money.

Burger feast!

Great Filipino Food for Lunch

The next day, we had our breakfast. We had the choice of American breakfast or Filipino Silog options.

Hearty breakfast to get you going for the day.

Then, my friends and I went to the Botanical Garden, which was really close by. We had our fun there taking photos and donning tribal costumes. Once that was done, we headed back to Mountain Lodge to check out. But before that, we had our lunch, which was another feast that left us super full and satisfied!

Lunch is served!

We were so happy to have lunch there. Everything was delicious, particularly the Fresh Lumpia. Mountain Lodge’s version is wrapped with a specially made wrapper. Only the lodge’s kitchen staff make this and the sauce was superb as well. Plus, since we were in Baguio, all the ingredients were fresh and so tasty!

So fresh and mouthwatering!

Aside from the tasty dishes, I totally enjoyed the ambiance at Mountain Lodge’s restaurant. It had a lot of wooden furniture and decorations, gleaming with warmth. There was a piano and there were several wooden sculptures. Overall, the place is so relaxing and welcoming. My friends and I highly recommend it!

Such a warm and welcoming place.

Mountain Lodge, Baguio

Address: 27 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

Phone: +63 74 442 4544

Book your room here.


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