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Starting 2015 Right – Challenge Myself

I’ll be turning 30 this 2015 and I find that simply awesome! Being on this earth for 30 years and I’m still breathing, discovering new things and having new adventures! No matter the difficulties, I’d say being alive is ultimately good!

As for this post, well yeah this is going to be my new year resolution post. I bet you saw that coming haha.

Instead of listing this and that though, I’ll summarize my overall goal this 2015 into 2 words:

” Challenge Myself “

To start 2015 right, I decided to take on various challenges this year that will make me a better person as a whole. To motivate myself and make myself accountable, I’ll blog my progress, successes, difficulties and lessons learned here for all who cares to read. I don’t expect many will read nor do I expect to be someone who’ll become an inspiration, but if you do come across this page, wish me luck. I wish you luck on all your challenges too. ^_^ Any good advice will be greatly appreciated as well.

January 2015 Challenge – 100km Total Walk / Jog / Run

I took up running about 3 years ago. By end of 2013, I can confidently run 5km in a little under 1 hour without stopping. I hoped to continue this hobby and be able to run the same distance in 30min or less. Unfortunately, my work schedule changed in 2014 and that totally stopped me from training.

So this year, I want to take up running again and be where I was at in 2013 as soon as possible.

I already know I can’t go too fast though because I have my knees and shoulders to worry about. After all, I do sedentary office work and if I rush I might just injure myself. Also, I have been diagnosed with mild scoliosis, so yeah need to be careful.

With that said, for this January 2015:

I challenge myself to achieve a total of 100km of walking / jogging / running by the end of the month.

Assuming I rest on weekends, I’ll have to do 5km daily on weekdays.

I believe this is doable and I am optimistic about this challenge. I hope I can keep it up. Good luck to me!

The challenge starts tomorrow – January 5, 2015 Monday.

So good night all, have to rise early tomorrow! ^_^


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