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Spoke about Blogging in Butuan. What an Amazing Experience!

There I stood in front of almost 100 people, my nerves started to go into overdrive. I relished the feeling and drew strength from it, which helped because I didn’t have enough sleep the past two days. I looked at all the people waiting for the program to start. And I felt super thankful that I was there standing in front of them, about to kick off Mind the Now: A Blogging and Mobile Photography Workshop!

Before we start the program, a selfie. ūüėÄ

Mind the Now: Butuan

(Image source: Drift Stories)

This workshop was held in Butuan. I was the host and one of the speakers as well. My topic was very dear to me as it was all about blogging. 5 other speakers also came to share their knowledge and skills. Jinri, a highly talented photographer, talked about Smartphone for Street Photography. Mimi of Chasing Bleu shared about Food Photography Using the Huawei P10 while Marj of Dakilang Laagan spoke about Using Huawei GR5 for Travel Photography.

Rome, the force behind C3 and Basta Bisaya, gave a talk about How to Start a Blog. I followed that up with How to Earn from Blogging. And then Wellbein of Tech Box PH capped off the program with his module РVlogging On-the-Go (Creating Videos Using Your Smartphone).

My presentation for the workshop. So happy to have the opportunity to impart what I know and have learned over the years.

Completing our team were Herbert of Drift Stories and Aldrin of Aldrincore Moshpit. Herbert basically handled the organizing side of the event and made sure we had a wonderful experience. Aldrin, creative that he is, took care of the event’s visuals and lent a hand by covering the registration desk and taking videos of the program.

Spending 3 days in Butuan with these guys was so amazing! They are really creative individuals, very friendly, and inspiring. So happy to have met you guys!

By the way, for those who want a copy of my presentation, you can find it here.

It Was an Amazing Experience in Butuan City!

One of my goals this 2018 is to continue expanding my horizons, not only through travel but through personal development as well. That is why I was so stoked when the opportunity to speak to a large audience came along.

Taking a photo of this because super happy to be a part of this workshop!

It was a bit nerve-wracking but I actually enjoy this state. The best part is that I got to share something I love to people who were eager to learn. It was great to see so many curious individuals in the audience. They have a lot of drive to take a plunge into the digital world and blogging, as well as photography.

It was satisfying to talk in-depth about the world of blogging, the behind-the0scenes that we don’t get to talk about much. I also got to delve a little bit into¬†SEO abbreviations and acronyms, all of which are important to know when venturing into the blogging world.

Overall, I came out of that event satisfied and inspired!

Thank you, Butuan for being so welcoming to me and team!

Grateful to the Organizers and Our Sponsors

Thank you so much to Huawei and especially Huawei Sugbo for this awesome workshop. This was such a great opportunity and the Huawei phone and tablet that we distributed as prizes were a huge hit with the audience!

Of course, the event would not have been possible without Ma’am Mayet and Ma’am Lyn of TBKK. They are incredible women whose love for Butuan is above and beyond. Herbert worked with them to make Mind the Now a reality.

We are also super thankful to Almont Inland Resort and Almont City Hotel. We stayed in these accommodations all the while we were in Butuan. The facilities are superb and the rooms were truly comfortable. Will be posting a more detailed blog about Almont soon, so stay tuned for that. Update: here is my detailed review of Almont Hotel and Resort.

This is just one of Almont’s gorgeous rooms.

I’m also very thankful to¬†XtremeGadgets as they provided one of the event prizes – a tripod for smartphone photography enthusiasts. We are also running a promo with them. Use the code “TOPLOAD” for a 5% discount on your purchases with them (applicable for tripods and accessories only). Just order through their FB page or via Lazada. They ship their products to anywhere in the Philippines!

Use the code “TOPLOAD” to get a 5% discount on your tripods and accessories orders.

Other sponsors that helped made the workshop a success include Hotel Oazis, Tuna Republik, Island Tea Co


Looking Forward to the Next Round!

Hopefully, we can return to Butuan again to conduct another workshop. It was such an enjoyable and inspiring event where I learned so many things from my fellow speakers and from the audience as well. Overall, I really appreciated the Butuanons who welcomed us and listened to what we had to say.

We hope you enjoyed the workshop and have learned something from us. You guys have inspired me a lot. Super thankful!

Thank you and until next time!


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