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Siem Reap: Day 02 part 01 – Buying the Temple Pass

Our second day in Cambodia was chock-full of ancient temple visitations. First, just want to say that we slept well during our fist night in Ta Som Guesthouse; in fact, we slept well all throughout our stay. The room was spacious enough for the three of us and our beds and pillows were soft and comfortable. Highly recommended!

The order of the day was to get some breakfast, meet our tour guide, obtain our 3-day Temple Pass (cost: $40), and finally get up close and personal with those ancient temples I got fascinated with a long time ago.

This article is part of a series. You might want to read the other parts too 🙂

Getting a Temple Pass

Breakfast was great that morning; between the three of us we had an assortment of bread, fried noodles, vegetables, tea and coffee. Then we met our guide Sophean clearly recognisable by his licensed Siem Reap guide uniform – dark slacks and long-sleeved cream coloured polo shirt with the official guide insignia on his left sleeve.

The 4 of us then climb aboard a remorque (remork) and headed to to the main entrance of Angkor Wat to purchase our temple pass. There are several types – 1-day ($20), 3-days ($40) and 7-days ($60). Since we were in Siem Reap for 7 days but wanted to make time for activities other than temple hopping, we got the 3-day temple pass.

3-days temple pass Siem Reap
my 3-days pass with my face not yet sun burnt lol

Obtaining the passes is straightforward – just join the queue for the type you wish to buy, pay the required amount at the counter and then have your picture taken. You’ll then be given your pass with your face on it. Make sure not to lose it while there because you’ll have to buy another one if you do. Oh and the 3 and 7 days passes need not be used on consecutive days as long as they’re used within the validity period. For example, you can use a 3-day pass on Monday to visit a group of temples, do another activity on Tuesday and Wednesday and then use the pass again on Thursday and Friday. Again, as long as you don’t go beyond the expiry date. Our 3-day pass expired seven days later.

It was super crowded when we bought our passes. As we arrived, bus-loads of Chinese tourists also disembarked. Fortunately, the line for the 3-day pass was short and we didn’t have to stay too long at the ticketing area, which was wonderful because the Cambodian sun and humidity was punishing!

Siem Reap temple pass ticketing counters
was really crowded at the ticketing area. The process is well organized though and we got our 3-days temple pass in no time

After here, we started our first day of temple hopping; visited Rolous Group and the Grand Circuit. See next post ^_^


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