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5 Reasons Why I am Super Stoked with My Posh Nails Courtesy of La She Sta!

I needed some pampering and La She Sta Eyelash and Nail Studio gave me just what I needed – posh nails! Got my nails done by a Japanese lash and nail technician, too, which is awesome.

plenty of posh nails styles at La She Sta
You get to choose your preferred style of posh nails. Lots of beautiful options in there!

After coming from a wonderful family trip in Puerto Princesa and seeing the Underground River, I had to rush to Ayala on a motorbike under the rain to make it for a talk. While I am thankful for this opportunity to do and speak about what I love, it was also a bit stressful that day.

That was a Saturday and, as mentioned, I got rained on. I also did not have any proper sleep because I was running after deadlines. And then I went home late and got more stress because I was stranded at a dark road due to a flat tire. Got a bit of a scare too because that stretch of road is well known as dangerous and I thought the driver was going to hurt me.

Posh Nails to Alleviate Some Stress

Things turned out ok but I guess my body was really stressed because the next day, on Sunday, I came down with the flu. Suffered through sniffles, fever, and sore throat all through Monday.

So, came Tuesday I thought I should relax and get some pampering. This was the perfect opportunity to try what La She Sta has to offer. They are an eyelash extensions and nail studio, which is Japanese and Filipino owned.

The 5 Reasons Why I Love the Posh Nails I Got

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at La She Sta. They offered me the following:

  1. Top-quality mani pedi and nail care services
  2. High-level skills and technical expertise provided by the lash and nail technician in charge.
  3. Location wise, it is a nail salon near me. It is located in Mandaue and I am a Mandauehanon, so I’m definitely happy about that.
  4. Reasonable nail prices.
  5. Friendly and accommodating staff.
La She Sta ambiance
The studio is not that big but it is well-arranged and looks comfy enough.

1. Get Quality Nail Care Services in La She Sta

La She Sta mainly offers the following:

Nail Art and Gel Mani Pedi

They offer gel manicure and pedicure services. For your hands, you can opt for nail art. Enjoy a wide variety of designs to choose from and uniquely gorgeous nails!

my new and improved nails courtesy of La She Sta
My hands don’t get the best care from me and could use some moisturizing. But they sure got more pretty after my session at La She Sta, yay!

Eyelash Extensions

For fuller, better-looking lashes – this is the service for you. Don’t go through the tedious daily routine of curling and applying mascara anymore. For a month or more, enjoy the perks of waking up every morning with already beautiful, natural-looking eyelashes!

Since La She Sta is owned by a Filipino and Japanese, you get to support a local business and enjoy the high-level skills and meticulous attention to details of a Japanese lash and nail technician.

I am happy that there is a studio that provides eyelash extensions near me. Perhaps I’ll try out this service one of these days when I have the time. It’s also a great idea if there is a special occasion coming up and you’d like to glam up.

2. High-Level Technical Expertise

At first glance, you might think that the posh nails prices offered by La She Sta are high. But I tell you, these are so worth it.

The main lash and nail technician in charge, Ms. Mili, is from Japan. She is very good and meticulous at what she does and will make sure that you get the best service possible.

3. La She Sta Location

La She Sta Address: Sacris Road, Bakilid, Mandaue City

It is in the same building as Blu Cat Pizzeria and Restobar. Second floor.

Get inside Blu Cat and you’ll see a flight of stairs. Get up there and the nail and lash studio is on your left. There is also a tattoo shop down the hall up there.

Contact Details and Other Important Information

You need to book an appointment.

Contact them via
Facebook: La She Sta Rep
Email: i.am.lashesta@gmail.com
Line ID: @340bsivv

An appointment is required because the services can take from 1.5 to 3 hours to complete, so you need to have a proper schedule.

Everyone is advised to come on time so that other customers’ schedule won’t be affected.

4. Reasonable Posh Nails Prices – How Much Do They Cost?

  • Eyelash Extensions – PHP 800 to 1,500 depending on the type of lash and design you choose.
  • Nail Art – the nail art or posh nails prices, meanwhile, range from PHP 1,200 to 1,500 depending on the design you choose.

The more complicated and time-consuming the design or procedure, the higher the cost.

At first glance, it may be pricey. But the results are definitely worth it. I can’t stop looking at my nails and my family and friends can’t help but admire them!

nails looking pretty on my cat
My cat approves of my pretty nails as well! 😀

I also saw even more beautiful design choices there. I would definitely want to try those the next time I feel like treating myself to something nice.

5. My La She Sta Nail Art Experience (Friendly Staff and Great Service)

Since I wasn’t quite ready for an eyelash extension, I opted for nail art service during this visit. This is my review of the whole nail art experience.

nail art options at La She Sta
It took me a bit of time to choose the nail design but it was so much fun too. Of course, you can customize by mixing and matching designs you like.

Unlike in typical salons, getting your nails done at La She Sta means sitting at a nail bar. The technician who attended to me was the studio’s director herself, Miss Mili Shimada. And, as mentioned above, she’s Japanese. She got her lash and nail technician training in Japan.

It took 2 hours to complete my nail art but I did not mind at all because I loved the results! My nails have never looked this beautiful.

posh nails from La She Sta - finished product
These posh nails courtesy of La She Sta are definitely worth the wait. I wasn’t bored either while Ms. Mili was doing nail art because it was all so interesting to observe.

I don’t usually get a manicure because my job requires a lot of laptop typing each day. But I needed some pampering and so I decided to try this legit nail art once on my hands and I wasn’t disappointed!

It was so interesting to see all the tools used. And since they’re using gel nail polish, you can be assured of a mess-free and quick-dry process. And you’ll get smooth, pretty, and long-lasting nail art afterward. Not bad at all!

I was also amazed at Miss Mili’s skills. She is really meticulous and makes sure every brush stroke is applied just right. I think that not only is she a lash and nail technician, she’s also a great artist!

The staff are super friendly as well and will answer your questions as best they can. They also provided complimentary iced tea.

As for my nails, I am delighted at what I got. Thank you, La She Sta, for the excellent service.

Book Your Appointment Now at La She Sta!

If you are looking for unique, beautiful, and posh nails; want to give yourself a treat; looking for an amazing and reliable eyelash and nail art studio in Cebu; or gift a girlfriend with something nice – do try La She Sta’s services!


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