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Play, Little Girl [a short story]

First published on FB on March 22, 2012

Note: This is a disturbing story. Inspiration: all the crime investigation shows I’ve been watching at that time.


The bad guy came closer to their hiding place. Katey was so scared she was shivering. She could feel Daisy cowering beside her. What were they supposed to do? This part of the park was deserted; no one was around to help them. They should have not stayed long after the other kids were gone. She felt like crying and screaming for her mother.

The scary man continued to walk towards the bushes that shielded them. He seemed like a very nice person an hour ago. He was full of smiles and kind words. He kept saying they were pretty little girls. He had a very beautiful doll with him dressed in the prettiest of pink. He promised he would lend it to her and Daisy but only after all the other kids were gone or they would want to play with the doll too and he did not want it to get dirty.

When the three of them were alone, he started touching Daisy’s hair saying she was so adorable. Then he touched Katey’s hair too and then her shoulders. When he touched Daisy again, she slapped his hand away because she was so engrossed with the doll. Then the man got really angry. He shouted at them that if he let them play with the doll, they should also let him play with them. They really did not understand but the man was shouting and his eyes started bulging. They got scared so they ran. He followed them.

Suddenly, he was upon her and Daisy!

There you are little ladies. Come play with Davey. I promise I won’t hurt you. Just let me touch you okay? Davey loves touching little girls. You are so soft and pretty. Come, let me smell your hair. I bet you have pretty hair down your legs…

They had nowhere to run. Daisy screamed so hard Katey felt like her ears would burst. The bad man got angrier. He slapped Daisy with his fist. Katey heard a snap. Poor Daisy’s neck did not look so good. It was bent awkward. Her eyes were open but she was not moving, just staring blankly at the leaves near her face.

What’s wrong Daisy? Are you okay? Hey Daisy. Come on Daisy, wake up!

Katey sobbed; why was her friend ignoring her? She did not cry hard though. The man who called himself Davey might get angry at her again. He might hit her face too.

Don’t cry little girl. Your friend is in dreamland. You will be okay; come here. That’s right, let me touch you.

He laughed in pleasure.

Yes, you definitely have nice skin. Your hair smells so good. Here, let me see your legs. I bet you have nice legs. Davey is going to kiss you, okay?


The next day, police were all over the community park. There were a lot of parents too. Some of them were very angry, some of them were crying. Katey also saw Daisy’s mother crying so hard while the teacher tried to talk to her. Katey somehow understood. Her best friend was not in dreamland. Daisy wasn’t ever gonna wake up.

The police and her parents asked her over and over again what happened. But she just shook her head and did not say a thing. The adults did not understand. Davey is gonna hit her in the face if she ever tells.


15 years later…

Katey, honey, where’s our daughter? Still in school? We should be careful these days. The news has been buzzing about missing and molested children lately, you know.

Katey stopped playing with her dog and looked up. Her husband just came home from work and was already looking for his beloved daughter. She smiled.

Don’t worry honey; Nessy’s carpool will be here soon.

The carpool arrived thirty minutes later. Nessy wasn’t in it. They called the school. Their daughter was not in class since after recess. Panicking, her husband called the police and a search was started. Two days later, nothing turned up.

I’m going out honey. I’ll try looking for our daughter once more. The police are not really helping us. Just get some rest for now, okay?

Her husband looked at her strangely but still gave a nod of approval before lying down on the couch to take a nap. Poor Ned, he has been up all night. Now it’s time for her to do her part. She patted her dog’s head and then went out of the house.

Katey arrived back home in time for dinner but had no thoughts about food as her nervousness rose due to the police car parked in front of their home. She hurried inside, placed her muddy boots behind their work shoes, and came up to her husband and two officers who were talking in a low voice in the living room. Ned looked like he was about to cry. He was holding something. Katey peered at it over his shoulder and let a shocked gasp escape her lips.

Ned was holding a picture. It was black and white but there was no doubt that the image was of Nessy. Their little girl was lying down on dirt and dead leaves. Her eyes were closed, her hair was a mess, and her clothes were gone. There was a huge dark bruise on her face.

A wail escaped Katey’s lips as she crumpled in a heap beside her husband. Nessy was dead.

Katey ate very little over the next few days. She appeared but a shell of her former self. Her husband was not talking to her and kept looking at her strangely as if he could not believe whatever is happening. She did not really care. She was a mother who just lost her daughter.

The police came and went. They were investigating they said. She just stayed out of their way, keeping her dog as company.

Three days later, the same two officers came back with a grave look on their faces. Ned talked to them. After a short argument done in low voices she could not hear, the officers approached her.

Mrs. McMillan, you are under arrest for the charge of murdering your daughter. You are also our primary suspect for the three girls who went missing this month and who died in the same way as Nessy. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law.

Katey stared at the officers and then at her husband who should, in behalf of her, be offended by these accusations but is just standing there doing nothing.

There seems to be a mistake here officers. Why are you accusing me of murdering my own daughter? I love Nessy!

Katey started crying. She was the very picture of disbelief and indignation.

You have been one of our suspects ma’am ever since we talked to a school janitor who saw you and Nessy get into your car the day she went missing. There are also no witnesses to your claims that you were home the whole time that day.

With your husband’s cooperation, we found further evidence in your car and in your home that would make you the primary suspect. There was a star of excellence stuck to the carpet of your vehicle and the boots you used on the day of Nessy’s time of death were coated with mud.

Katey looked at them, confusion all over her face.

You are arresting me for a star of excellence and muddy boots? Nessy was always a good performer at school and she always received those stars from her teachers. And so what if my boots are muddy? I went to many unpaved playgrounds that day to look for my daughter!

The officers did not budge and her husband was on the verge of crying.

What was the color of the stars Nessy always receive ma’am?

Why, yellow of course!

The star stuck on your carpet was green.

So what, they changed the color…

Her husband spoke for the first time. Katey, the teachers only give out green stars during Fridays. Nessy went missing last Friday.

So it was just one of those she always receives on Fridays! She can’t believe her husband is not taking her side.

No Katey, that Friday was the first time Nessy received a star for excellence. She has just been receiving stars for good performance before. The yellow ones.

Katey did not say anything. She just stared expressionlessly at her accusers. Then one of the police officers resumed talking.

The weather was perfectly fine ma’am the day you went looking for your daughter, the day she died. Even if you went to uncemented playgrounds, all you will get will be dust, not mud. To make sure, we analyzed the mud on your shoes. They contained elements not easily found in this neighborhood. The mud on your boots was definitely marsh mud, specifically something you can easily find at the Wenton Marsh. We also got video footage of the diner near the marsh. Your car was parked there for hours. You arrived with Nessy but you did not go home with her.

Katey stared at them.

Her expressionless face slowly broke into a sly smile and then a full-blown laugh escaped from her. She felt so good! Finally, people will now know!

Tears were also finally running down Ned’s face. Katey, why did you do this to our daughter? How can you do this to our family?!

What family Ned? When we first started, you were all over me. You could not keep your hands off me. You told me I was beautiful. But then our daughter, no, that girl came! And then all you would pay attention to is that girl. You found her prettier than me Ned. But I am more beautiful! You should love only me!

It’s the same for those other girls. I saw them with their mothers and fathers playing in the park. But the fathers always pay attention to the little girls than the mother. Why?! Those girls deserve to die! Nessy deserved to die the most. She took you away from me!

The disbelief on Ned’s face turned to anger and disgust. She hated him that instant but she could not bear his rejection. The police dragged her away.

No!!! Don’t take me away. I love you Ned. Don’t let them do this to me! Come Ned, kiss me. Touch my hair. My legs are beautiful, aren’t they? Kiss me down there Ned. Nessy was ugly. She does not deserve you. You should only love me Ned. Ned!!!

Her husband turned away from her.

She finally stopped resisting as they reached the police car door. Respectfully, she whispered to the officers to wait. She needed to say goodbye to someone important. She called to her dog that came running towards her with its tail wagging.

Hey you, cute little thing. Mommy will be gone for a while, okay? Be good, okay?

She kissed the dog on its furry forehead.

Goodbye Davey.


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