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My Gadget Wish List

Friends, family, and all generous people out there – this is an open letter for you all. I am sure you have beautiful hearts that want to give and make others happy ^_~

I don’t care much for clothes, bags or shoes. If you want to do something generous for me during special occasions, you can buy me roundtrip tickets to somewhere nice, give me vouchers for a unique experience, or get me a new and useful electronic device. When it comes to electronics, I love anything that can make life easier, better and richer. Therefore, any gadget that makes me more productive or anything that can aid me with my travels would make me really happy.

So without further ado, here is my gadget wish list in no particular order!

1. Innergie PocketCell Duo – this is a rechargeable portable battery that can help me sort out charging and power socket concerns wherever I may be. According to its product page, this device has “duo USB power-ports that allow you to charge two tablet-PCs or two smartphones to full charge twice simultaneously”. Not only that, this gadget “delivers the right amount of power to charge your device quickly and safely every time”. Best of all, it’s only as big as a travel-size toothpaste tube!

2. USB flash drive – having one with at least 16GB storage capacity would be great. Yes, I can buy myself one but for some reason I just haven’t gotten myself to do so as there are higher priorities for my budget. I would be ecstatic if I receive one though!

3. SleepPhones Wireless – pajamas for the ears. This would be a very useful thing to have as I really have problem sleeping if the surrounding is noisy. Snoring people, excited crickets, disrespectful neighbors with their crappy loud music, rain and thunder – all these make going to sleep and staying asleep impossible. With the SleepPhones though, I might actually have a better chance at finally getting restful sleep for nights on end.


4. Any Canon DSLR – I seriously want to explore and improve my photography skills, but there are limits to having a point-and-shoot. That’s why it’s really one of my heart’s desires to own a DSLR, which I really cannot afford at the moment, so sad. I specified Canon by the way because I just like this brand 🙂

5. Pedometer – I enjoy running and occasional trekking and I would love to be able to track the number of steps I take and my distance, then use the data to improve my health further. A gadget that hasother functions aside from being a step counter would be great.

That’s all of them for now because I don’t want to appear greedy haha. Thank you very much lovely person who’ll give me any of these!


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