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Mother Nature Can Be Really Scary

After an earthquake that just ravaged Bohol and affected Cebu, Visayas experienced typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan). Just as reports poured in weeks ago about the devastation in Bohol, now Facebook and Twitter are filled with articles and photos of damaged houses, flooding, and all sorts of destruction left by Yolanda. Looting and general violence have been reported as well and looking at all the news, one cannot feel terrible about it all.

But we should not lose hope fellow Filipinos, fellow Visayans. Despite the corruption and misuse of relief funds that we fear are going to happen, help are pouring in from many corners. The US has deployed some of their soldiers stationed in Japan to help our police here in giving aid to victims. The UK has also donated money and made their citizens aware of the plight of the hardest areas and as of now, donations in cash and in kind are being pooled to help the Philippines. Then there are the NGOs and charitable organizations that are also doing their best to give help. Red Cross has been very helpful already. There are also reports of stranded tourists helping with the packing of relief goods. Many relief drop off centers have also been set up and a lot of people I know are already volunteering their assistance in any way they can. So we are not alone in this, let us be strong and help each other to overcome all the difficulties we are experiencing in the country right now due to natural disasters.


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