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Mobile Apps that Make the Smartphone Super Useful at the Office

Smartphones are becoming ever more popular; everywhere I go, I see young and old alike swiping on their screens and enjoying multimedia. As for me, I’ve had the Samsung Note 2 for almost a year now and I must say it proved to be an excellent investment, particularly because it’s a great help at the office. Here are the apps running on it now that help my productivity at work:

smartphone apps for productivity

1. Evernote – I cannot praise Evernote enough. I’m in a meeting and I need to quickly jot down notes? No problem, I just reach for my phone and enter everything I need to remember into this cloud notebook and then I sync everything. Then later on when I go back to my laptop or PC and need to process those notes, I just access Evernote from said devices and push through with my work without missing a beat!

Using the Clipper function, I note down interesting web pages and links online when using my laptop. Then later on, whether I’m at the conference room, taking a break at the pantry, or even riding the elevator – I can access those pages and sites and use them for whatever productive purpose I have in mind.

So far, Evernote has helped me gather data for meetings, trainings, PowerPoint presentations, team buildings, etc. It’s so easy to use and being an application that runs on the cloud, it’s accessible via multiple devices and that’s just awesome.

2. Dropbox – Another cloud service that allows you to store files such as spreadsheets, word documentations, images, videos, ebooks and more. The free account gives you 50 gigs of storage; anything beyond that will require payment.

Just think of Dropbox as another drive on your PC, but that anything you store on it can be accessed through your laptop and mobile phone as well. It eliminates the need to carry around a USB stick or burn anything onto discs. No more emailing yourself important files as well. As for me, whatever image, spreadsheet or documentation I’m working on that I cannot upload via Google Drive, I just save to my Dropbox for easier access later wherever in the office I may be.

3. MD Scan – a nifty app that allows you to take a photo of any document using the smartphone’s camera. Instead of saving the photo as an image file though, the app saves it as a PDF document. Considering that our office doesn’t have a copier and just a printer and the nearest copy service provider is far from the office, what I do is just scan any paper document I need to replicate using this app and then print as many copies of the saved PDF file as I need.

4. Voice Recorder – there are so many voice recorder apps in the market and you can easily choose whatever suits your needs. But basically, having the ability to record sounds has become invaluable in the office. I generally record long meetings so that I don’t miss anything that has been said. I refer to the audio at a later date for clarifications and for enhancing my communications with other people in the office. Of course, I don’t record anything without letting others know.

5. Google Now – this is an excellent app and it was just recently supported here in the Philippines (I think). Just enable location and web history and Google Now will evolve to become an excellent personal assistant. Since it is new on my phone, right now it’s just useful for setting reminders and keeping track of my to do list. I also find it super fun to speak to it, ordering it to open other applications on my phone or to do web searches. Just a heads up though, make sure you understand the privacy-related terms and conditions before using Google Now.

Do you use smartphones in your office? What are the apps you use to make you more productive at work? I’ll be looking forward to your suggestions.


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