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Mini Goals: Those Other Things I Want to Accomplish in Life

Aside from travelling, I do have other interests in life and these are some of the goals I have that are tied to those.

stick men holding up Goals sign, image by renjith krishnan


  1. Be able to run an official 5 kilometers race within 30 minutes
  2. Finish a 5K Fun Run
  3. Finish a 7K Fun Run
  4. Finish a 10K Run
  5. Finish a 21K Marathon
  6. Enroll in a martial arts class in 2014
  7. Achieve weight goal of 55 kilos in 2014 (currently at 60 kilos at time of posting)
  8. Trek mountains at least 5 times in 2014
  9. Learn to swim in 2014


  1. Be debt free by July of 2014
  2. Reach at least Php 10,000 in mutual funds by July 2014
  3. Have at least Php 50,000 in mutual funds by December 2014
  4. Start investing in stocks in January 2015
  5. Get a Life Insurance + Investment plan in January 2015

So far these are what I’m aspiring to complete in the foreseeable future. I’m sure this list will also evolve over time as life progresses. By publishing it here, I hope I’d be reminded of the things I’ve set out to do and be focused in completing them. By publishing this list here, I hope not to lose my motivation.

How about you, what goals are you currently trying to achieve? Maybe we can support each other 🙂


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