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Meal for 3 at Kuya J SM Consolacion

If you are craving for classic Filipino dishes and happen to be in SM Consolacion, then head to Kuya J located at the ground floor near the entrance. With a wide space and with tables set up for four people or more, it is an ideal restaurant for hearty meals with family or friends after a few hours of malling.

Kuya J Filipino Restaurant at SM Consolacion
warm and inviting interiors, no crowd yet

I happened to dine there one Sunday afternoon because my dear mother told me she had enough SM Rewards points to buy me a rash guard. Not averse to free stuff at all, I happily accompanied her to SM Consolacion that day like the pampered eldest daughter that I am 😀 My younger sister tagged along.

Anyway, after all that fitting and strolling around the department store’s women’s section, which was utterly cluttered and confusing by the way, mama said we should go eat and it’s her treat. Obedient children as we are, my sister and I readily agreed. So then we came across the Kuya J Filipino restaurant, which wasn’t crowded at that time.

inside Kuya J SM Consolacion
still devoid of crowds ‘coz it was mid afternoon and people were busy availing of SM’s 3-day sale

We were immediately seated by one of the waiters who was very courteous. After perusing the menu for a few minutes, we gave our orders and proceeded to wait for the food to be cooked. One thing that you have to be prepared for when eating there is the long wait. Even if there weren’t that many customers, I think we waited close to 30 minutes for our orders. I guess Filipino dishes just take a lot of time to cook? Or since it was a Filipino restaurant, then everyone was on Filipino time?

Whatever the case, our food finally arrived tantalizing us with their delicious aromas and sumptuous presentation.

First up, there was the Lechon Kawali Family serving. Fried just right, it was crispy goodness that won’t make your teeth fall off.

Lechon Kawali at Kuya J
Lechon Kawali Family serving – Php 245 (served plainly because no need to disguise its artery-clogging properties 😀 )

Then the Sinigang Baboy came in. This was my sister’s favorite as she so excitedly exclaimed. According to her the sourness was just at the right level. I particularly enjoyed the lingering sourness in the mouth and the crunchy kangkong mixed into the soup.

Sinigang Baboy sour soup
Sinigang Baboy – Php 165 (Delicious sour soup with pork plus bits and pieces of veggies. Warms you up and the sourness just complements many Filipino dishes)

The waiter then placed on our table the Sizzling Sisig. Yeah, we went all pork that day… This was my favorite dish that afternoon, just full of flavor and chewy, er, stuff ^_~ For non-Filipino readers, you might want to read up on what typically goes into a sisig dish before trying this out. Fair warning has been given 🙂

Kuya J's Sizzling Sisig
Sizzling Sisig – Php 165 (see and hear it sizzle, inhale the aroma, then pinch the calamansi (that green round thing at the top) over the whole dish until no juice comes out of it, mix everything, then deliver a spoonful to your mouth with haste – this is how you eat sisig.)

Finally, to complete everything, we had our Garlic Rice. What is a Filipino salo salo without rice right? And yeah, I know it’s oily…

Garlic rice platter at Kuya J
Garlic Rice platter – Php 102 (lovely yellow color, accentuated by the sheen of umm, yeah – oil)

There’s just something about free meals that make the mouth chew non-stop and the heart soar (probably my blood pressure going up). Thanks to dear mother, sister and I were fully stuffed that afternoon. No wonder our waistlines are never going down lol.

Overall, the food was delicious despite the long wait. The place was clean and the servers were courteous and smiling. For me the prices are affordable considering all dishes were shareable. And even there were three of us, we still managed to bring home some leftover food.

If ever you’re in SM Consolacion and getting hungry, Kuya J is a good choice.

Thanks mama for the sponsor! Love, your spoiled daughter. Mwah! ]:D

with sister and mama waiting for our food
with sister and mama waiting for our food


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