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Lessons from 2 Awesome Wingsuit Flyers

Gary Connery. Jeb Corliss.

Two guys who chose to live most of their lives jumping off planes and tall buildings relying only on parachutes or wingsuits to survive, brought home something really important to me recently – it’s not the years in life that counts, it’s the life in your years!

I’ve seen that quote many times in the internet before but never have I resonated with it this much until I became aware of the awesome wingsuit flyers Gary and Jeb. Shying away from boring desk jobs, these guys continue to chase the adrenaline, to defy death.

In life, they chose to fly.

man flying
Who says humans can’t fly? Here’s a wingsuit flyer telling you otherwise.

A friend at the office showed me Gary and Jeb’s Youtube videos. Take a look for yourself to see just how awesome these two are:


Here’s Gary Connery. Not your typical British guy; in fact, not your typical guy at all. He is a skydiver, professional stuntman, and wingsuit flyer extraordinaire. In this video, he performed the first ever successful landing without a parachute!

Boring morning? Gary decides to jump off a plane, spread his artificial wings, and land on a pile of cardboard. Parachute? Wasn’t fashionable that morning.


Then here’s Jeb Corliss. An American engaging in the ever so safe pastime of flying between and as close as possible to jagged peaks and instant-death-inducing mountains. Since that wasn’t challenging enough, he decided to separate an innocent man from his balloon. See to believe.

After seeing these videos, I became an instant fan of the two that I’d surely elbow my way into a crowd to get their autographs.

For most of us, boring desk jobs are not something we can easily abandon. In fact, for most Filipinos, a ‘boring desk job’ is a luxury because many are stuck in menial or thankless or uncertain jobs. Supporting oneself and the family are always a struggle. However, I’m sure that if we will it, we can make the Garys and Jebs in the world as our inspiration and find ways to fly in life – to live to the fullest.

No matter what our situations and limitations in life, I believe we should go out there and challenge ourselves. The challenge could be in the form of learning something new like a new language, recipe, or dance. It could also be in the form of going after our dreams, applying for that job we think we are not qualified for (we may not get the job but the experience would surely teach us something), telling someone we like that we fancy them despite the possibility of rejection or forgiving someone we’ve hated for a long time.

Let’s go and add more life into our years!

Have you challenged yourself recently? How did it go and what did you learn? Please share in the comments section below 🙂


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