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Ladies In Red Photoshoot

HuaweiSugbo is a group of aspiring smartphone photographers in Cebu using Huawei phones. The group holds photoshoot or photowalk activities regularly.

Since I have fallen in love with photography these days, I always take advantage of these mobile photography opportunities.

On February 2018, to celebrate the love month, we decided to have a photoshoot with the theme: Ladies in Red

The “ladies” were the two gorgeous models who graciously posed for us:














The hair and makeup of our two models were styled by the talented beauty vlogger, Cyka Niki

I am no expert at photography yet, but these photoshoots always help me to learn new techniques and hone my skills.

Thank you so much to HuaweiSugbo for holding these events. I am also super grateful to all those people who joined the shoot and freely shared their knowledge and skills.

Here are some of my shots that day:

I simply love how she looks so effortless and queenly here despite that she’s up on a tree wearing a gown!
Flowing gown, what’s not to like? 😀
I played around with my Huawei P9’s built-in editor here. I like the fact that I was able to render everything in black-and-white while keeping the red tints on the image.
“Flourish wherever you are planted.”
The fierceness is real!
Being a little vulnerable
“You did not wake up today to be mediocre.”

I am still an amateur to photography but I find this hobby truly enjoyable. Plus, the fact that I can do this using a mobile phone is simply great! #Huawei #MakeItPossible

This Ladies in Red photoshoot was conducted at Parola sa Liloan or Liloan Lighthouse, Cebu.

“Sometimes I am a lighthouse. At the edge, alone, and burning.”
I got lost trying to find this spot. Thankfully, Google Maps helped me get here.

Finally, here are some random behind-the-scenes 😀


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