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KPub Meat All You Can – Best-Value Korean BBQ in Cebu

Samgyeopsal and kimchi. Most Cebuanos, particularly those with discerning palates, already know what these dishes are. After all, Korean restaurants dot the city today. BUT, if you’re looking for unlimited Korean bbq in Cebu (samgyeopsal), head straight to KPub BBQ – Meat All You Can!

Let me tell you why that’s an excellent decision.

499 eat all you can Korean bbq at Kpub
KPub’s all-you-can-eat Korean bbq in Cebu is 499 per person only! And for that, you get unlimited meat, all 7 kinds of them! Plus delicious side dishes. And then there’s the live music and energetic ambiance. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of that?

Affordable, Delicious Korean BBQ in Cebu

Most people would think that since KPub is in Ayala (Terraces area, right beside Fully Booked) and looks high-end, that it might be super expensive.

Well, it’s true that you’ll get high-end food and service in KPub. However, when it comes to the price, you will definitely get the best value for your money! For only PHP 499 per person, you can enjoy unlimited samgyeopsal.

KPub's seven kinds of meat for barbecue
7 kinds of meat for your barbecue pleasure, ladies and gentlemen!

This isn’t your typical pork, beef, and chicken set. Oh no. Instead, you’ll get 7 kinds of meat! What are these seven kinds? Let me break that down for you:

  1. Whole pork belly
  2. Korean style bacon
  3. Beef Sukiyaki
  4. Marinated pork belly in a sweet and spicy sauce
  5. Marinated pork chop
  6. Marinated chicken in sweet and spicy sauce
  7. Marinated chicken in sweet soy sauce

With all these choices available, you are guaranteed to have a wide range of tastes just waiting to be experienced! Oh, by the way, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll be grilling the meat on a┬ásmokeless grill. That means you won’t be smelling like barbecue when you go out of the restaurant, a plus if you still want to wander around Ayala or see a movie.

grilling Korean bbq in Cebu at Kpub
Grilling some Korean bbq. Yum!

And let me tell you, those meats are high quality. There isn’t much fat on the meats, so every bite is as satisfying as the previous one. The meats are tender as well, easy to chew, and overall make for great eating.

KPub is open from 11 AM to around 11 PM.

KPub Ups Their Game with the Side Dishes

When you think that that’s all you’re getting for your 499, you couldn’t be more wrong. Side dishes are an important component in Korean cuisine. Unlimited samgyeopsal wouldn’t be complete without them.

Of course, KPub provides side dishes aplenty. You’ll have three kinds of sauces, including KPub’s special sauce. You’ll get lettuce as well to wrap the meat. And yeah definitely there is kimchi and other side dishes. You can even get fried spring rolls!

side dishes Korean barbecue at Kpub
These are just a few of the side dishes folks. Feel free to refill.

And we’re not even halfway done yet. Your 499 also includes steamed egg (omg this was an instant favorite – so fluffy and delish!), steamed rice and kimchi fried rice, soup, and the house salad.

steamed egg from Kpub
That steamed egg that is so fluffy and soft that every bite is like a sneak peek to Cloud 9.

Then, if you’re feeling some seafood, you can order on a per-plate basis at PHP 95.00 per plate. Just inquire from the waitstaff regarding what seafood is available.

meat and side dishes at Kpub bbq
moooorrrreeee side dishes with your bbq

Really, how can you not see the excellent value in that?

Note: KPub BBQ also offers an ala-carte menu just in case you are looking for more than Korean bbq in Cebu, so feel free to check that out. One of my faves from their ala-carte selection is definitely the Kimchi Jigae.

Enjoy Live Music and a Vibrant Dining Experience

During the weekends, KPub brings in bands and other musical talents. So, come in for dinner to enjoy some live music. Since the restaurant offers seats for 100+ diners, there is plenty of space.

live music at Kpub's stage
Have fun while eating as you listen to live entertainment.

Enjoy the cool lighting and the energy from the big stage while you are munching on delicious food. Feel free to bop your head to the music or sing along. And if you’re feeling extra courageous, tell the waitstaff that you’d like to sing on stage. They’ll be happy to accommodate you. ^_^

Here’s my friend, CJ, owning the stage. Check out his Youtube channel for more of him!

Now, if you want to eat more privately, KPub has mini rooms with curtains that you can close to instantly give you privacy. You’ll still hear the music and see the performers because these rooms have flat screens in them showing the live bands.

Here’s me with my friends enjoying the sectioned-off room with the curtains for privacy. Thanks, CJ and Flip (Cebu Finest) for the dinner invite and company!

Satisfy Your Korean Barbecue Craving at KPub!

Whenever you’re craving for some Korean bbq, just head to KPub. You’ll not regret it.

My friends and I were actually there to not only dine but enjoy the performance and meet-and-greet with Japanese OPM artist, Aisaku, and The Voice Kids talent, Sharlla Cerilles.

Aisaku singing in Kpub Cebu
Here’s Aisaku making my heart melt with his singing! <3
Here’s Sharlla serenading diners with her sweet voice.

I’m a fan of Aisaku ever since I saw him host the Bon Odori here in Cebu a few years back. As for Sharlla, this was the first time I got to hear her,┬áto be honest. Was blown away by both of their performances and so happy to hear their awesome voices. Such talented people <3

Aisaku and Sharrla in Kpub
Got to hang out for a bit with these phenomenal singers <3

Enjoying amazing music at KPub while eating delectable Korean dishes is a gastronomic experience you should definitely try for yourself!

KPub Meat All You Can - Korean restaurant in Cebu serving unlimited samgyeopsal
Meat All You Can at KPub now! When it comes to Korean bbq in Cebu, they are an excellent choice.

(I’ll make a separate post about meeting Aisaku later because he deserves it! <3 )


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