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IronGirl Cebu 2019 Kicks Off with the Full Support of Herbalife

The IronGirl Cebu 5K Fun Run, which is presented by HERBALIFE Nutrition, kicked off today – August 9, 2019.

Herbalife Nutrition ambassadors and IronGirl Cebu participants.

It is part of the weekender program for runners and athletes, the Regent Aguila IronMan 70.3 Philippines.

Race Details

Gun start was at Shangrila’s Mactan Resort and Spa in Lapu-Lapu City. The race charged a registration fee of PHP 650 and was open to ladies of all ages.

Since this was Fun Run, there aren’t any winners in the traditional sense. Instead, every finisher got their own specially-crafted IronGirl Finisher’s medal as well as a shirt. As typical of fun runs, participants need not worry too much about their running pace and time. Everyone was encouraged to enjoy themselves!

Press Conference with Herbalife

HERBALIFE Nutrition is the main sponsor of this year’s IronGirl Cebu. They also supported the event last year.

Present at the press conference for the event was Herbalife Philippines Senior Director and Sub-Region Head, Sridhar Rajagopalan. The press conference, by the way, was held at Radisson Blu in Cebu on August 8, 2019.

Herbalife Nutrition ambassadors joined Mr. Rajagopalan in expressing their support for IronGirl Cebu 2019. These included these notables: Ines Santiago, Julian Valencia, Omar Paredes, Dwan Abantao, Laarni Anenias-Paredes, and Ronald Molit.

What Is the IronGirl About?

Princess Galura, the General Manager of Sunrise Events Inc., expressed the growth of the event during the press conference.

She said that this year’s fun run is the biggest so far when it comes to the number of participants. There were about 1,400 runners – all amazing women who are passionate about running and their health.

When the event started, there were only 300 participants. 600 girls then joined the second edition and, eventually, the event has 800 participants in 2018. For this year, the organizers opened 1000 slots.

The tickets sold out so quickly and the demand continued to rise. So they opened more slots up until 1400 runners took to the streets this morning to run their hearts out!

Herbalife Nutrition and Wellness

Herbalife Nutrition is a globally known company who specializes on wellness products.

During the press conference, the media got treated to a delicious shake courtesy of Herbalife.

Mr. Rajagopalan said that nutrition and wellness are Herbalife’s mission and that is why they are a proud supporter and presenter of IronGirl Cebu.

The Herbalife team will also compete in the Regent Aguila Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Philippines event this Sunday. They are strongly aiming for podium finishes.

See below the activity schedule for this weekend here.




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