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Watched the Action-Packed Ip Man 4 The Finale Movie at Robinsons Galleria Cebu

My sister and I decided to watch Ip Man 4 The Finale at Robinsons Galleria Cebu on its opening day because we have been cooped up at home for weeks and we wanted a break. Also because sometimes you just want to see the good guy pound the bad guys into submission! And Wing Chun is badass!

enjoyed IP Man 4
Super enjoyed the action-packed Ip Man 4 movie!

Ip Man 4 The Finale Movie

I have always enjoyed martial arts movies and, of course, enjoyed Ip Man 1-3. So it was great to finally see this story come to its conclusion.

the Ip Man 4 movie poster

As a whole, Ip Man 4 The Finale was a great watch! The action scenes did not disappoint at all. While I lean towards Japanese martial arts (I practiced Karate and Jiujitsu in high school and college), Chinese martial arts are worth appreciating as well.

watched a movie at Robinsons Galleria Cebu
watched the Ip Man 4 movie at Robinsons Galleria Cebu – Movieworld

One of the highlights for me was the showdown between a Tai-Chi master and Ip Man’s Wing Chun. Seeing the quick and explosive blows of Wing Chun vs. the fluidity, balance, and counterbalance of Tai-Chi was a delight!

Then came the combat against Karate black belters and every blow just hooks and excites the viewer. Add to that the emotional and thought-provoking storyline tackling racism, discrimination, and complicated family dynamics.

me and the sister inside the cinema

I especially like the fact that the movie did not show only the Caucasians’ racism towards Asians but also vice versa. The Chinese in China Town was quite adamant not to share their martial arts to the “whities”, carefully guarding their trade secrets.

The movie also did a good job of showing how foreigners can be negatively treated in a land they moved into. It was heartbreaking to see the young cheerleader go through all that hardships despite her talent and energy, all because of the “she is not from here” and “she is not like us” mentality exhibited by her young classmates.

Some of the acting was a bit wooden or awkward though, but I get that those actors were mainly there to provide legitimately entertaining martial arts sequences.

Of course, Donnie Yen was fantastic in his role as Ip Man. For me, he convincingly delivered the emotions of a father struggling about the future of his son and with upholding the tenets of his favorite martial arts.

The appearance of a young Bruce Lee (played by the charming Danny Chan) and Vanness Wu (from Meteor Garden) were also very much appreciated!

Not only does Danny Chan look very similar to Bruce Lee, but he has also portrayed the legend’s mannerisms very accurately and he was quite convincing. Vanness was kind of a weakling here, but he did great as someone who is fighting for equality and the acknowledgment of Chinee martial arts.

Overall, I found the movie really entertaining. It was great to finally see the story of Ip Man concluded in such a great manner. I definitely enjoyed our movie afternoon and I am still fangirling over all those awesome fight scenes!

Movieworld Robinsons Galleria – Highly Recommended

Robinsons Galleria Cebu’s Movieworld is a great place to watch a movie. Seats were comfortable, the audio was loud and clear, and the cinema was clean.

movieworld robinsons galleria cebu
Movieworld at Robinsons Galleria Cebu is a great place to watch a movie.

For snacks, there is a snack corner just outside the cinema entrances and there is also Taters. There are other food and beverage shops there as well, so getting snacks to make your movie experience even better is not a problem.

If you like martial arts, in particular, go watch Ip Man 4 guys! You’ll surely enjoy it!

Thank you, sister, for the time and company!


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