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Hotel Oazis: Butuan City Accommodation Providing a Comfortable Stay

Hotel Oazis is one of the nice places to stay in Butuan City. My friends and I had the opportunity to stay there and we enjoyed the place thoroughly. Here is my Hotel Oazis review, hopefully, to make it easier for you to select your Butuan accommodation.

Hotel Oazis in Butuan City

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Hotel Oazis Rooms

One of the nice things that I appreciated at Hotel Oazis is their spacious rooms. I stayed in a Twin Room with one of my friends and we had no problem space-wise. The room was also equipped with a desk, which was perfect for digital nomads like us. I got some work done there, yay!

Twin Room at Hotel Oazis
The Twin Room we stayed in.

I also found the outlets very conveniently placed. Some hotel rooms are very stingy when it comes to electrical outlets. This is really a problem if you have multiple devices with you. And since my friend was also a freelancer, we both had smartphones and laptops with us.

getting some work done as a digital nomad
Being productive while on vacation. Why not? ^_^

We definitely needed more outlets. Thankfully, Hotel Oazis did not disappoint in this aspect. There were plenty of outlets near the two single beds, near the desk, at the tiny pantry, and near the flat-screen TV.

In terms of comfort, I had no problems with the room. The bed, in my opinion, had the right balance of firmness and softness. There were two pillows on each of the single beds in our room, which is great because there’s only one pillow per bed in some hotels. I dislike that because I like to cuddle a pillow when I sleep. Haha.

friends hanging out in a hotel room
My friends and I hanging out in our room after the long day we had walking around Butuan City.

The bathroom was spacious enough, too. It was clean and had the expected creature comforts. Towels are provided for each guest and toiletries were available. Of course, there was a warm shower.

Overall, I found my stay in Hotel Oazis comfortable and relaxing.

The Internet

As a digital nomad or freelancer, the internet is very important to me. I bring my work with me, after all, and so it really frustrates me if the internet is slow. I wouldn’t be able to check my emails, communicate with my clients online, or submit my work on time.

working in a hotel room as a digital nomad
Thanks to the speedy internet, I managed to get my work done while staying in Hotel Oazis.

Thankfully, the internet in our room was fast enough. There were two of us working at the same time and had all our devices connected to the Wi-Fi. We did not experience any problems, yay!

digital nomads working in a hotel room
The room was comfortable and we had no problem working there, too. #digitalnomads

The Pool

Another awesome thing about Hotel Oazis is the fact that they have a HUGE pool! My friends and I super enjoyed swimming there early in the morning.

Hotel Oazis pool
The huge pool at Hotel Oazis!

The hotel will provide you with pool towels, just ask the reception people for one.

room with a pool view
View of the pool from our room.

The pool water appeared clean. It wasn’t too deep – standard 5ft depth. There was also a kiddie pool there for safe swimming of your little ones.

friends enjoying the pool at Hotel Oazis
Enjoying the pool early in the morning.

Restaurant and Breakfast Buffet

Hotel Oazis offers a breakfast buffet for their guests with a good selection of dishes. There was bread aplenty as well as rice and meats fit for breakfast. Coffee and juices were available as well. We found the selection filling enough and unlimited coffee refills are always a good thing in my book.

hotel breakfast
Hearty breakfast at the hotel.

The restaurant is located near the pool area, which means you’ll have a nice view while dining.

There was also a full bar there for those of you who indulge in alcoholic beverages.

the bar area at Hotel Oazis
The bar area.

The Architecture and Interiors

I loved Hotel Oazis’ interiors! It was modern with sleek contemporary lines. I was especially wowed by the lobby area. I super loved the interior design there, from the modern touches, huge and comfortable lounge chairs, to the sparkling chandelier.

modern architecture hotel lobby
The clean and modern lines at the lobby. I loved it!

In fact, the whole hotel feels airy and so spacious. You can easily relax there without feeling crowded.

Hotel Oazis modern interiors
I super enjoyed the modern architecture and interior design at Hotel Oazis.

The Staff

The staff of Hotel Oazis welcomed us with a warm smile. The luggage staff was also very quick in helping us with our bags. Everyone we talked to was courteous and helpful. Thank you very much.

Overall Hotel Oazis Review

As a whole, we liked our stay in Hotel Oazis and had no major complaints. Thank you so much for accommodating us!

Hotel Oazis - Butuan City
Hotel Oazis in Butuan City

If you guys will be visiting Butuan City soon, do consider Hotel Oazis as your accommodation. Whether you are there for leisure or work, this hotel will cater to your needs in a satisfactory manner!


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