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Heroes, Villains and Mere Mortals Gather – 2013 Cebu Comic Convention

The 3rd Cebu Comic Con was held last August 17, 2013 at the gymnasium of Sacred Heart School, Canduman, Mandaue. Several of my workmates and I attended the event and of course we had lots of fun (despite the rain) because so many awesome cosplayers came and we were free to fangirl to our hearts’ content!

As mentioned, it was a rainy day but that didn’t matter because so many heroes descended at the venue and graced our presence. Here were the highlights for me:

The Heroes

1. Iron Man (Damaged State)

This cosplayer definitely earned my respect because his suit looks so realistic and became even more awesome with its damaged state. It wasn’t hard to imagine at all that Tony Stark has just arrived from a fierce battle to party with us normal mortals.

Iron Man cosplay damaged state
friends from the office fangirling over Iron Man

2. Warhammer

We have here another very realistic looking suit and props to the cosplayer who endured wearing this heavy looking costume for the whole day.

bad-ass Warhammer cosplay
it is clear huge amounts of time and effort was spent on this Warhammer costume

3. Hawkgirl

This Hawkgirl had some trouble with her wings at first because it was too heavy for her light form, but she got the hang of it and proceeded to stroll around like the badass that she is.

Hawkgirl cosplay
ready to fly Hawkgirl

4. Black Iron Man

Really loved the added touch of LED lights to this suit. Kudos to whoever put some serious love into making this costume.

Black Iron Man cosplay
me with the Black Iron Man, all that time wondering who’s the face behind the mask

5. Kick Ass & Hit Girl

Wow, they really came in a pair. This awesome duo even performed some “action moves” to satisfy the request of several photographers. I think they nailed their costumes.

cosplay of Kick Ass and Hit Girl
Kick Ass 1 was pretty awesome, especially Hit Girl so was really thrilled when I saw this duo!

The Villains

Of course, there were plenty of cosplayers too who came in as their favorite villains in the comics world. Here are the highlights for me:

1. Loki

Tom Hiddleston cannot be beat as Loki because he is one fine man! (Or so one of my friends would say.) This cosplayer does a great job with his costume and overall look though and many girls and even guys in the venue still went gaga over him.

Loki cosplay

2. The Sith Lords

These guys were tall! And because of that, their Sith Lords were so imposing as they strolled around the venue. These cosplayers towered over everyone else there and the flow and flapping of their cloaks commandeered respect!

Sith Lords cosplay
the guy in the middle is my colleague and he’s already tall, but these cosplayers were even taller and made really great Star Wars villains!

3. Joker

I find this guy’s makeup spot on and he really had his character down since he behaved furtively, maniacally and evilly all throughout the event…

Joker cosplay
…well except when he went hugging my office friend haha. I wonder what the cape crusader would think of this scene…

Other Highlights

Of course there were many more great cosplayers who attended the Cebu comic convention.

El Dorado cosplay by girls
Yes, these cosplayers are girls and they won the group cosplay competition; they were so fun to watch because they were really into their characters and – Tulio and Miguel from the animated movie The Road to El Dorado.
Harley Quinn Batman cosplay
Here’s my colleague standing beside another Batman villain. Recognize this character?
zombie cosplay
Do you know who this decomposing character is?
Will, Irma and Hay Lin cosplay
Love this magical girls – Will, Irma and Hay Lin from ______. Do you know? ^_^
action figures
Action figures everywhere! Give me some!

I believe the 2013 Cebu Comicon was a success and I’m certainly looking forward to how it would be this 2014.


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