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Hearty Breakfast at Pancake House, Oakridge A.S. Fortuna

Had to run errands one hot morning and that entailed going through the horrible Mandaue traffic. After a few harried hours without breakfast, I finally couldn’t stand the hunger anymore so went in search for food. Since Oakridge business park was nearby, I decided it was my best bet to find something to eat. When I got there it turned out that most establishments were closed and would open at 11am still. Fortunately, there was one place open and that was Pancake House. Hungry and since I never tried this eating place before, I hastily went in, glad for the opportunity to enjoy something new.

First Impressions

The place was compact but they have a second floor and I reckon they can seat around 20 people at a time. The interior’s vibrant orange and deep red certainly stimulate the appetite. It was clean and well maintained too. The staff was quick on their toes, courteous and very helpful. The menu I was given to browse was of good quality, choices were presented nicely, and food images were high quality and tempting.

Pancake House Oakridge Mandaue Cebu
warm, appetizing hues

By the way, this review of Pancake House in Oakridge Business Park, Cebu is all my opinion; I wasn’t paid to do this nor am I affiliated with the company.

The Hearty Breakfast

Although called Pancake House, they actually serve rice meals and had a breakfast menu along with all the pancakes and waffles.

Since I was famished, I ordered their Pork Vienna Easy Meal, which is basically breaded pork served with rice and a side of veggies. It also comes with their Almondigas Soup, which is composed of misua and 3 pcs. of pork meatballs. A glass of iced tea also came with the meal.

Pancake house rice meal - Pork Vienna
Tasty and filling meal. rice + breaded pork with lemon + soup + iced tea = Php 230.00 The freshly brewed coffee I ordered came with one refill for Php 90.00

The dish was good overall. I enjoyed the crunchy breaded pork paired with their tomato-based polka sauce. The soup, although quite simple at first glance, was very filling. I ordered their freshly brewed coffee as well to wake myself up. As a whole, I thought the meal provides good value because the serving was large and the food tasty.

Don’t Leave Without the Pancakes

Then the thought struck me – I couldn’t just leave Pancake House without trying their pancakes! But I was so full already, what to do? Then I remembered my office mates, particularly one guy whose main motivation in life seems to be eating. Haha hi Beej! So I ordered 3 kinds of pancakes to give to my 8 teammates later that day and man did I make the right orders!

The Blueberry Pancake was my fave; tart, sweet and fluffy all at the same time.

Blueberry pancakes from Pancake House Oakridge Mandue Cebu
Looks unassuming at first glance, but slice it and the blueberry comes oozing out. Yum. This was Php 208.00 – 3 pcs.

Then there was the Banana Caramel Pancake with actual banana slices and not just banana syrup or something.

Banana Caramel pancakes from Pancake House Oakridge Mandue Cebu
With real banana slices. The nuts was a nice touch too as the crunchy enhanced the sweet and fluffy. This was Php 208.00 – 3 pcs.

Finally, got the Chocolate Marble Pancake, which is your typical pancake made more appetizing for chocolate lovers. Yum, yum, yum! Each order came with 3 pancakes.

Chocolate Marble pancakes from Pancake House Oakridge Mandue Cebu
Sweet inside out. This was Php 197.00 – 3 pcs.

Welcoming Staff

Taking this opportunity to thank Charmaine and Roel once again, the servers who made me feel welcome. I was alone when I entered but was never made to feel lonely. They know their stuff too, which is always a sign that an establishment is good or at least takes their staff training seriously. Plus, they catered to all my whims. I ordered those pancakes for takeout right, but I wanted to take pictures of them on plates for the purpose of this blog. So yeah, I was like, hey guys pancakes for takeout please but plate them first before packing them in boxes. I know that was a bit of an inconvenient request, but they happily did it for me. So thank you and keep up the great work!

Pancake House pancakes - blueberry, chocolate marble, banana caramel
because even takeout pancakes look great on plates. ^_^

Overall, enjoyed my breakfast at Pancake House and I hope you enjoyed this review too. Oh, and I found out later that Oakridge Pancake House was franchised from the group of companies that own Max’s Restaurant and Yellow Cab. I believe they already have several branches in Cebu.



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