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Heart Fluttering Running Man Episode 181

Running Man has always been enjoyable ever since it aired 3 years ago. Yes, it had its share of low notes, but week after week it manages to make its viewers worldwide laugh out loud.

The most recent episode at the time of this posting, Episode 181, was as usual hilarious. I was compelled to write a review about this episode because aside from being funny, it has many super sweet moments and heart-fluttering interactions between the ‘secret couple’ Ace Song Ji Hyo and guest Lee Jong Suk! There will be spoilers below so consider this as fair warning ^_^

Song Ji Hyo and Lee Jong Suk linking arms
Song Ji Hyo and Lee Jong Suk doing their secret mission; they look so cute together!

Other guests were Park Bo Young and Lee Se Young. They, along with the Running Man cast, became high school students for this episode. The main premise: there’s a huge feud between the girls and boys in the school.

Outwardly, the contests they all went through for the entire show revolved around this premise. But there’s a secret mission going on (as is often the case in Running Man). Jong Suk and Ji Hyo were established early on in the episode as the secret couple who must hide their love from their classmates or things would be a mess. The couple need to complete certain missions (skinship my goodness!) without getting caught by the others. The couple wins if nobody finds out about them. As for the classmates, the boys’ team will compete with the girls’ team and whichever team wins each of the mini games will get valuable hints. If the secret couple accomplishes their mission during each of those games, producers will give out fake hints along with the real hints to provide confusion.

As the show progressed and the missions for everyone got harder, the cast delivered spades after spades of laughter while Ji Hyo and Jong Suk gave us sweetness overload. This is definitely a must-watch episode!

Stand-Out Moments of Running Man Eisode 181 [SPOILERS]

  1. All secret couple Ji Hyo and Jong suk moments!

    – Jong Suk pulling Ji Hyo to his side so they could link arms behind oblivious classmates, them holding hands tightly, and them doing the forehead kiss. *dies!

  2. Kwang Soo coming in as the girl Kwang Ja and teasing Yoo Jae Suk

    – LOL! Seriously, Kwang Soo has talent.

  3. Kim Jong Kook dressing as a high school girl

    – ROFL! His digs towards Jae Suk and him crossdressing with all those muscles *cannot.breathe!

  4. Farm Game

    – all the guys getting tossed away by the powerful girl Jong Kook *got stomach cramps from laughing too hard

  5. Scarecrow Game

    – to be honest, I did not know such a game existed; can’t wait to play it with my friends! Ji Suk Jin and HaHa’s misadventures during this part were so fun to watch.

  6. Gary being jealous

    – awwww Gary was so cute this episode; torn between his ‘jealousy’ and protecting Ji Hyo’s secret.

girl Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Kook
Kwang Soo tweeted this image of him and Jong Kook dressed as high school girls. Scary and hilarious!

Too bad Ji Hyo and Jong Suk got found out in the end by their classmates (specifically the boy’s team). But the chemistry between the two of them is undeniable! Would it be too much to ask if they could star in a drama together?

Overall, Running Man Episode 181 was very enjoyable for me!

Have you watched it yet? Was it a hit or miss for you? Which were your favorite parts?


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