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Halloween’s Coming Up and I Miss Cosplay

Last year, I was the witchy witch in a tee and jeans, channeling one of the Charmed Sisters to my heart’s content (I’ll forever be a Piper Halliwell fan) . Years before that, I was the undead doctor. Halloween is fun! I get to cosplay and it’s always entertaining to see what others come up with.

This year’s All Hallow’s Eve is fast approaching, which makes me excited and sad all at the same time. Excited because I’ll have the time to celebrate the occasion my way. But sad also because this year I won’t be a part of my company’s celebrations and I’ll miss how creative my colleagues will be with their costumes.

 Who dares enter my domain??? Do you wish to be turned into a newt, mortal?

Who dares enter my domain??? Do you wish to be turned into a newt, mortal?

Speaking of costumes, you might want to check out SammyDress.com. Okay, full disclosure – as part of their exposure efforts, I was asked if they could sponsor a post on my blog. I readily accepted because when I browsed through their site, there were so many nice things I wouldn’t hesitate buying.

Take for example their wide variety of wigs. How gorgeous are these! Best part, the items look high quality but are reasonably priced. They offer worldwide shipping too, both standard and expedited. Browsing through their site, I believe they take Visa and Mastercard and accept PayPal payments too.

This particular wig they named Trendy Lolita Long Black to Red Ombre caught my attention. Gosh, I could so rock that! Haha. You can get it here.

black red wig long
quirky. love it! <3

Want to go full on rainbow? This wig here can definitely fulfill your needs. It’s a capless bob wig that can make you the star of the night.

short rainbow bob wig from Sammy Dress
this one’s surely a head-turner.

Then there’s always the long purple wig. Seriously, even if I just wear a tee and jeans again and put on my witch hat, I’ll be one bad-ass Wiccan princess, because purple! Purchase this over here.

purple wig from SammyDress
simply gorgeous

Ugh, my fingers are seriously itching to go on a shopping spree in SammyDress. They have some great masks too, perfect for some mysterious vampire vibe. *Checks credit card balance. LOL.

Sigh, only one thing is clear. I miss cosplay and I really want to do so this Halloween. Should I just bust out my Kurenai costume again? 😀

me cosplaying Kurenai
Kurenai Yuuhi. Yeah, I try… haha

Thank you very much Sammy Dress for sponsoring this post. Would love to try one of your wigs soon!


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