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Grab Food Delivery: Guide on How To Use It and Reviewing if It Is Worth It

In today’s busy world, food delivery apps such as Grab Food are a great idea.

I had the opportunity of ordering meals through it recently and I thought I’d write a guide on how to use the Grab Food delivery app.

grab food app

Note that Grab is not available in all parts of the Philippines, but you can use it in major cities, such as Manila and Cebu.

Is Grab Food Worth It? – My Review

As a freelancer and digital nomad, I either work at home or in hotels. If I am too busy running after deadlines, I usually have meals delivered. I truly appreciate the convenience of this because working on an empty stomach is the fastest way to doing poorly at your job.

Before, there were limited food delivery options. Most likely, I end up with Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking, or another fast food restaurant that offers delivery services.

Then came Grab Food. I was really happy to know that we can now have more options. Not only can I have meals delivered to my doorstep now, but I can even order coffee or other beverages.

Recently, I ordered food from this place called Oxford Brewing Co. Sidenote: This is a nice place to order from for me because not only are they near, they serve meals and coffee! I didn’t have to order from separate establishments.

That means I get to save on time and on the delivery fee.

Delivery Fee and Delivery Time

On the app, you can actually see how long it will take for the Grab Food driver to deliver your food. For sure, the timeframe is only an estimate, but at least you have a guide to help you choose a restaurant depending on how hungry you are and how long you can wait.

grab food delivery time
The app shows you the estimated delivery time. In this case, you can see it’s 28-34 minutes.

The app also tells you if there are Grabfood promo codes applicable to a restaurant. These promos vary. At times, you can get PHP50 off your delivery fee. Just use the Grabfood code provided.

grab promo code rewards
Grab Food runs promos regularly, so just use the code provided for discounts. In my case, I had points in my Grab Rewards which I redeemed for a PHP 100 discount. Not bad. At least my delivery fee was covered already.

The app will also notify you once the driver has arrived at the restaurant and placed your order. Another notification will arrive once the pickup is complete and the driver is traveling to your address.

grab food order placed

For my recent order, the driver was really speedy. My food arrived in less than 30 minutes after ordering. So that’s great. Of course, the delivery time will be affected by how far your chosen restaurant is from your location.

Traffic jams and accidents on the road can also affect the speed of food delivery. So my advice is, order ahead of time when you are not super hungry yet.

Grab Food Driver and Food Packaging

The Grab Food driver who delivered my food for my most recent order was courteous and was all smiles when he handed me my orders. I asked permission to take his picture and he gladly obliged.

Grab Food driver
The Grab Food driver who delivered my order. They ride motorcycles to ensure speedy deliveries. Please don’t do prank orders or cancel your orders after the driver has picked them up. Do not waste their time, energy, and money. Be a decent human being.

Food packaging will vary from restaurant to restaurant. Mine came well-packed and nothing was spilled. In one of my previous orders though, my coffee was badly spilled. I only ended up with half a cup of coffee at that time.

So I guess this depends on the care given by the restaurant and the driver towards your orders.

food delivered through Grab food
My food was delivered well. No spillage. As for the taste and quality of the food and packaging, that rests on the restaurant’s shoulder, so do not blame the driver if you don’t like the taste of the food.

Know that some drivers can refuse your order or extort you for more money. This is not the norm and definitely against the terms of Grab. So, if you come across these drivers, make sure to leave them an appropriate review on the app. Of course, leave positive reviews for drivers who delivered your food properly.

Tips are not mandatory but are appreciated. So, you don’t have to tip your driver if you don’t want to, but as for me, I do give tips if the delivery went well. Drivers who ask for tips in advance annoy me a lot though!

How to Use the Grab Food Delivery App?

Since Grab Food is part of the whole Grab ecosystem, you can access it via the Grab application for booking rides.

1. The Food menu is right beside the Car icon, so just tap on it.

2. On the next page, at the top part, tap “Deliver to”. Here you can set up your delivery address. Select “Use current location” or manually provide your address details.

3. Go back to the Restaurant selection area. You can do a search here by entering your preferred restaurant, dish, or cuisine. Note that not all restaurants coordinate with Grab Food, so there might be times when you cannot find the establishment you want.

search restaurants on Grab Food

I suggest you do a search for a dish or cuisine, instead. This way, you will be presented with options near you.

4. Once you have chosen a restaurant, it is time to order. Each restaurant will have menu items and corresponding prices. Choose what you want by tapping on it and then tapping on the green “Add to Basket” button.

grab food menu with prices

5. If you are done ordering, tap on “View Basket” to view the summary of your orders. Here, you can edit your orders – add more or remove an item. You will also see here the delivery fee. If you have a Grabfood promo code, you can apply it here. Press “Place an Order” to finalize your orders.

grab food view basket and place order
Press “Edit” to add more food pieces or to remove an order. You will also see here the Grabfood promo code applied, giving you a discount.

After this part, you can change the payment method. If you are a regular Grab user, you might be using Grab Pay, too, and you might still have a balance in your Wallet. You can use that to pay. Otherwise, change the payment to Cash, which means you’ll have to pay the delivery guy upon receipt of the food.

Communicating with the Driver

You can easily communicate with your Grab Food delivery driver via the built-in messaging function of the app. You can even call if needed. Or you can text additional instructions to confirm your address.

grab food messaging

In my case, I texted the driver how much money I had so he knew how much change to give me. The driver can also message or call you in case he gets lost and needs help finding your doorstep.


Overall, I think the Grab Food delivery service is great. There are various restaurant choices, giving you flexibility in meals and prices.

The app is super easy and intuitive to use. Most of the drivers were good. I only had one so far who messaged me for more money than what’s displayed on the app. I normally give tips but I hate it when they ask right away even before doing the job. So for this instance, I just canceled my order.

As a whole, I am going to keep using the app in the foreseeable future. It provides convenience in this modern and fast-paced world and is definitely useful to me. Perhaps you can try it too and let me know what you think!


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