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Filipino Food in Baguio: A Feast at Ridgewood Hotel

Baguio is not only all about the cold weather, pine trees, and gorgeous views. The Summer Capital of the Philippines has loads more to offer, including delicious Filipino food. Ilocano cuisines, in particular, abound in this resort city.

On one of the days we visited, my friends and I got the chance to visit Ridgewood Hotel and Restaurant. We tasted various delicious dishes that day. It was a feast!

Image Source: Ridgewood Hotel
lunch at Ridgewood Hotel in Baguio
Had a truly delicious lunch at Ridgewood Hotel in Baguio!

Ridgewood Hotel and Restaurant

Address: 17 Julian Felipe St., Barangay Lualhati Baguio City

Landline: +63 74 446 6295

Mobile: +63 917 680 8016
+63 922 889 5680
+63 917 680 8016 (Viber)

Email: reservations@ridgewoodhotel.com

Ridgewood Hotel is only 15 minutes away from the Baguio bus terminal.

That Satisfyingly Delicious Lunch!

The dedicated chefs of Ridgewood Hotel and Restaurant served us a variety of dishes.

We started with the salad. Instead of Caesar’s Salad, since we are in the process of making with maid this airbnb home cleaning Philippines, Ridgewood calls it the Ka Cesar. I found that cute 😀 As for the salad, it was a winner! Even the guys in our group who normally don’t eat greens found the salad too hard to resist.

Fresh Baguio greens drizzled with Ridgewood’s special dressing

In keeping with the Filipino theme, they skipped the Parmesan cheese in the dressing. Instead, they used Keso de Bola, which is our local version of the Edam cheese. It gave the dressing a bit of bite while maintaining its salty, savory taste. Paired with the fresh greens of Baguio, the Ka Cesar salad is delish!

Then, we had the Kalderetang Pork. The meat was very soft that you don’t need a knife to cut it. Very tasty as well. I was surprised that there were olives in the dish. Who knew you could put olives in kaldereta?! 😀

Kalderetang Pork with olives!

Ridgewood’s kitchen also brought to the table the Hubaderang Lumpia. I cannot help but be amused by that. Kudos to whoever decided to name these dishes!

The yummy Hubaderang Lumpia

To explain the name, Hubaderang Lumpia is basically a dish that contains all of the ingredients of a lumpia except the wrapper. So, there you go – naked lumpia because there is no wrapper. 😀

Aside from that, my friends and I also enjoyed the Pambansang Pasta, which to me was a very interesting dish. It actually had salted egg on it. I must say, the fusion dishes of Ridgewood Hotel and Restaurant really surprises and delights the diner!

Ridgewood’s Pambansang Pasta. I especially enjoyed the addition of salted egg and cherry tomatoes.

We also had the Pinikpikan, an Ilocano soup dish that is like a cross of sinigang and tinola. It was also satisfying and delicious but, unfortunately, my picture of it is too blurry. I blame unsteady hands, so sorry can’t show you that dish. Still, it really was a great soup that complemented the rest of the dishes on our table.

Then, for dessert, we had a naughty one! This is called the Threesome! Haha! It’s called that way because three kinds of ice cream are used to make this sweet and cold treat.

Delicious dessert with cool and green Baguio in the backdrop.

After our meal, we had the chance to meet the chefs who prepared our lunch. We also had a talk with Ms. Rita and Russel, two of the hardworking people behind Ridgewood’s top-notch hospitality. Thank you so much for serving us wonderfully tasty dishes and for welcoming us so warmly!

Thank you so much!

Of course, we could not leave the hotel without checking out what its rooms look like. Fortunately, Ms. Rita agreed to my request for my friends and me to see some of their rooms. Check them out below.

Ridgewood Hotel Offers Comfortable Accommodation for all Baguio Visitors

Upon entering the hotel, the restaurant area is what you’ll see first. I loved the architecture there, especially the high ceilings and large glass windows that provide great views of how green Baguio can be. I also loved the warm wooden colors, so welcoming indeed.

Being in a hotel like this will really augment your enjoyment of Baguio’s atmosphere.
So airy and, at the same time, so warm and inviting.

We took a peek into one of the suite rooms and it was spacious and very comfortable. Aside from the bed, there was a seating area. The bathroom was sizable and there was a mini pantry as well. In short, it was a room that will definitely give you value for your money.

one of the rooms in Ridgewood Hotel
Here are my friends just chilling in the suite room 😀

You also get a good view in this room. Again, Ridgewood is really a nice place to appreciate the nature that abounds in Baguio City.

Aside from the room above, we also got to see one that’s great for a group of friends. This is a Twin Room but since three people booked this room and will be checking in later that afternoon, the hotel already set up another comfortable bed for the 3rd guest. So accommodating and flexible of them!

One thing that really grabbed my attention is the various poems on the wall. I love poems and I think that any creative individual looking to relax and be inspired will definitely do well to stay even just one night in this hotel.

Who says a hotel can’t be poetic? Ridgewood surely can!

Another thing that I appreciated in Ridgewood are the various beautiful small touches you can find all over the place. Paula, the other lady in our party, and I especially enjoyed the flower wall. Ahem, excuse us but it’s selfie and groupfie time 😀

Decorative flowers everywhere. Loved it!
Of course, the guys had a great time too!

Overall, we had an excellent lunch at Ridgewood Hotel and Restaurant and I really enjoyed their premises. It was unfortunate that we couldn’t stay here for the night because we had other plans, but the next time I am visiting Baguio, I will definitely make it a point to stay here at least one night!

Thank you so much, Ridgewood Hotel and especially to Ms. Rita and Russel!


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