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Expenses and Activities Breakdown: Bucas Grande and Siargao (Philippines)

Want to visit Sohoton in Bucas Grande and want to visit Siargao too? Why not do both?! This is exactly what my family did one July. This is a 5 days epic trip, made more memorable because on the 4th day of this holiday was my birthday! It was really awesome to celebrate a special moment in my life with my parents and sister while exploring some of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines.

me and my family at Tiktikan Lake, Sohoton
Happily infected with the travel bug. Photo taken at: Tiktikan Lake, Sohoton

Anyway, here is the breakdown of our trip activities and expenses too. Hopefully it can help with your own trip plans and budget.

Please see below the image version for easier viewing. Here is the actual spreadsheet: Bucas Grande and Siargao Itinerary and Budget

Tour and Accommodation Contacts

Here are the service providers who made that holiday one for the books:

Anthony’s Seaside Guesthouse (Socorro, Bucas Grande) – their Facebook page

Boat for hire to tour around Bucas Grande or visit the Sohoton area – Mobile #: 0909-9665-141 ; Contact: Denden Tamayo

Ocean 101 Resort (near Cloud 9, Siargao) – their website

Motorcycle with driver for hire for Magpupungko – there are so many motorcycles outside the resort, so feel free to deal/haggle with them. Alternatively, have Ocean 101 help you arrange the transportation

Island hopping in Siargao – can be arranged with Ocean 101

DISCLAIMER: Prices displayed here may have changed or may change without prior notice. These were the expenses we incurred when we went on the trip, but time and varying economic conditions will affect the accuracy of the information displayed here. The websites still work as of the time of writing this post, but I am not 100% sure about the boatmen’s mobile numbers anymore. Please double check. Cheers. ^_^

Itinerary and Budget

Okay, so here’s the breakdown. Please note that your preferences on what and where to eat, as well as what to see and experience, will affect your budget. Please use the below as a guide. 🙂

NOTE: This trip is Cebu (flight) — Surigao (ferry) — Socorro / Bucas Grande (ferry) — Siargao (ferry) — Surigao (flight) — Cebu

Bucas Grande and Siargao Itinerary and BudgetI hope that helps. Do let me know in the comments section if you have any questions. Share to friends too who might be planning a trip to both or either of those islands.

Here are a few more pics to spur you to go ^_~

beautiful island with white-sand beach, devoid of people – heaven on earth (somewhere around Bucas Grande)
denizens of the Crystal Cave 😀
At Hagukan Cave, still in Sohoton area. Basically a cave half filled with sea water, you have to swim through a tiny hole to get inside. The best part – the water here is luminous!
chill at Ocean 101 Resort
Magpupungko Beach – this was the natural pool part.

Beautiful, right?! If you agree, go visit Bucas Grande and Siargao, pronto!

Hope this post helps. Will write the full story of our trip very soon ^_^

Oh and if you like the images and want to use them somewhere, I don’t mind but please give a link back 🙂 Also, it would be awesome if you share this post to your friends on your socials. Promote the beauty of the Philippines! ^_^


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