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Cute Cafe in Mandaue Serves Salted Egg Pasta and Delish Coffee!

I am so happy to find another cute cafe in Mandaue City, Cebu near me! They not only serve coffee, but they also have pasta and other delicious meals – including the newly introduced and mouthwatering Salted Egg Pasta! Candiez┬áCafe, thank you for your existence!

drinking coffee at Candiez Cafe
Smiling because I won’t be stuck in traffic for long when I go home after here. ­čśÇ

Yes, I am willing to travel to other countries and go on 24-hour flights. But when I’m in Cebu and just want to chill in my hometown, it physically hurts to think about going through the horrible traffic if I wish to eat out with friends.

So, when two of my friends invited me for coffee and said that this coffee shop was located in Mandaue City, where I’m from, I got excited. I don’t have to travel far now to get my caffeine fix!

coffee and read a book
A book and a cup of coffee – my kind of heaven.

Candiez Cafe – What You Need to Know about This Cute Cafe

Candiez Cafe, to me, was very cute. The interior colors were bright and lovely. The coffee shop also provides a spacious and airy ambiance, courtesy of the high ceiling and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. You can easily spend hours there just relaxing and enjoying your fave cuppa.

Address: Northpark Building, U.N. Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu (basement parking is available).

It is just beside Maayo Hotel, on that road going to the second Mactan Bridge. It is very near Pacific Mall.


Opening hours: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Mondays to Sundays

What they serve: coffee, matcha, frappes, smoothies, pastas, waffles and pancakes, sandwiches, rice meals / all-day breakfasts

Price range: PHP 150 – 200

Candiez Cafe also proudly operates as a Christian Cafe.

Salted Egg Pasta – Must Try!

Candiez Cafe is probably the first coffee shop in Cebu that serves Salted Egg Pasta. Yes, you read that right.

salted egg pasta from Candiez Cafe
Loved this salted egg pasta from Candiez Cafe so much!

This pasta is delicious, I tell you! You can taste the perfectly salted egg but you won’t be overwhelmed by the saltiness because the al dente pasta provides a stable balance to the whole dish.

This pasta is quite filling and great for lunch or dinner. Up the ante by pairing it with your favorite coffee drink!

Candiez Cafe Drinks

You won’t be disappointed at the variety of drinks you can order from this cofee shop. Here are just a few we tried. There are more on the menu and I am looking forward to returning there and sampling those other drinks.

Strawberry Smoothie – sweet relief from Cebu’s heat

Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberry Smoothie

Mango Smoothie – refreshingly good

Mango Smoothie
Mango Smoothie

Chocolate-Chip Frappe – choco goodness that will make you happy

Cookies and Cream Frappe – delightfully sweet and satisfying

Candiez Cafe Frappe drinks
Double trouble! Cookies and Cream Frappe and Chocolate-Chip Frappe to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Affogato┬á– a winner! (I love coffee that I can interact with aside from drinking it)

Affogato <3

Matcha Frappe – will have a special place in the hearts of Matcha lovers far and wide.

Matcha Frappe
Matcha Frappe

Pastas, Waffles, Pancakes, Sandwiches

As a cafe, Candiez Cafe serves pastries. But if you’re looking for heavier meals, then they’ve got you covered, too.

Spicy Chorizo Pasta – don’t you just love fusion dishes? I do! And this chorizo pasta can easily become a favorite. That is if their Salted Egg Pasta has not yet captured your heart.

Spicy Chorizo Pasta
Spicy Chorizo Pasta

Waffle Delight – want waffles for breakfast? This will definitely delight you. Pair it with black coffee for maximum enjoyment.

Waffle Delight
Waffle Delight

Tyrell’s Tuna Melt with Cheddar Cheese – if you love tuna and cheese sandwiched together in between lightly toasted bread, give this a try.

Candiez Cafe sandwiches
Sandwiches to fill you up!

Candz Clubhouse Sandwich – if the classic clubhouse sandwich is more your preference, Candiez Cafe serves that, too.

All-Day Breakfasts

Now, if you’re a pure Filipino at heart when it comes to food, then for sure you’ll be craving for rice. Don’t worry, Candiez Cafe also serves rice meals. Simply check out their all-day breakfast menu items.

Sugbo’s Best Spicy Chorizo – chorizo lovers, you will not be disappointed by this!

Sugbo's Best Spicy Chorizo with coffee
Sugbo’s Best Spicy Chorizo with coffee

Classic Cornedbeef – a filling meal for breakfast and any other time of the day.


Classic Cornedbeef
Classic Cornedbeef

Candiez Cafe Ambiance and Staff

As mentioned above, Candiez Cafe provides a really cute and comfortable ambiance. I really like spaces that provide you with a bright and airy feeling and the cafe provides that in heaps.

Candiez Cafe ambiance
Chilling with one of my friends at Candiez Cafe

I appreciated the colors of the walls and chairs, too. They just give you that positive and happy vibe.

Candiez Cafe orders
Let’s eat!

Aside from that, there are various books there that you can borrow and read when you feel like it. The decors are cute as well, which showed the owner’s attention to details and their desire to make guests feel welcome.

As for the staff, they are very helpful and kind. The owner-chef was also friendly and accommodating. Overall, I got the feeling that they are quite happy to be working there in that cafe.

Candiez Cafe owner - Ms. Candy
The owner and chef of Candiez Cafe – Ms. Candy <3

The internet, meanwhile, is quite fast. When we were there, we saw two guys working on their laptops. So, yeah, Candiez Cafe is also a good place to do some work. Shout out to all of you digital nomads and freelancers in Cebu!

Enjoy Candiez Cafe’s Cuteness!

That’s it for my Candiez Cafe, review. I hope you found this helpful. And if you too are looking for a cute cafe or a coffee shop with a relaxing ambiance in Mandaue, give this cafe a try!

Maybe we’ll even see each other there one of these days. ^_~

Thanks Herbert and Aldrin for the coffee invite!


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