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The Company: Coworking Space for Digital Nomads, Freelancers, and Students in Mandaue, Cebu

Digital nomads and freelancers in Cebu, rejoice! We now have more coworking spaces in the city and that is a great thing. The Company, in particular, is an awesome choice if you are looking for a change of pace from working in your home office, living room, or bedroom. It is also perfect for those based in Mandaue City.

The Company – a Coworking Space in Mandaue City

I was really excited to learn about The Company, a coworking space right here in Mandaue, less than 30 minutes away from me.

access map for The Company coworking space
Access map for The Company

Full Address: Bldg4, JDN Square IT Center, P. Remedio St., Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines.

It is just a few steps away from Oakridge if you exit from Oakridge’s back gate.

As a Mandauehanon, I’ve searched numerous times in the past couple of years for a coworking space near me. The results will often lead me to options located in Cebu City, however, which was a bit frustrating.

I did not want to go through all that traffic and waste my time and energy just to get to a coworking space. So, most of the time, I chose to just work from home. But, yeah, there were many times that I really wanted a change of pace and scenery. Sometimes, a different environment can be just what we need to be more creative and productive.

Super thankful that The Company is accessible from where I live.

What is a Coworking Space and What are Digital Nomads and Freelancers

Before we take a full look at what The Company offers, here’s a quick overview of the meaning of these things just in case you want to know more.

Freelancers are basically people who work in a location-independent manner. They could work from home or anywhere they are comfortable. There are many types of freelancing setups. Some are part-time while others are full-time. Some freelancers work on night shifts, during the wee hours of the morning, or within the typical corporate schedule.

Digital nomads are a group of people who belong under the huge umbrella of freelancing and I identify in this group. The main thing about being a digital nomad is that travel is a huge part of our lives. Basically, this is all about being able to work while we are traveling.

To know more, please watch this video I made about the subject. It answers most of the general questions people have about this way of life.

The Company open or free space
The open / free-seating space at The Company coworking space

Coworking spaces are a great blessing to the freelance and digital nomad community. Being able to work anywhere is excellent but sometimes an “office environment” is needed. This is especially true if we need a quieter space to work in with super fast internet connection.

Free-flowing coffee, open and private booths, meeting rooms, and projectors are also common in coworking spaces. The best part is that these places are great hubs for meeting new friends, finding potential clients/customers, and building up a network of highly motivated people who can help you in your journey as a freelancer.

Coworking Space, Private Office, Event Space

The Company bills themselves as “the upgraded version of the typical office” and I agree wholeheartedly!

The moment I walked in there, I was already wowed by the artistic and welcoming vibe of the place. I was able to visit The Company twice already, by the way. The first time was when I was one of the storytellers for an event called Story Nights: Cebu. My second visit was when I wanted to do some work but got bored with working from my home.

The Company coworking space in Mandaue, Cebu
I just love the art on the walls at The Company, a coworking space in Mandaue, Cebu.

The Company is a sizable place. There’s plenty of room in the open area, which consists of comfortable desks and chairs. You can sit anywhere and get cracking. If you want a more private space, they do have private offices for 2-4 people. Want to have a meeting with your team or a video call with teammates from other countries? Then simply head to the meeting rooms (capacity: 4-10 persons).

If you want to hold an event, The Company can be your venue too. They accept bookings for all kinds of events, including corporate and social activities, networking events, press conferences, workshops, launch parties, and even film and photo shoots.

What You’ll Enjoy at The Company

free drinks and office equipment in The Company
Free drinks and use of office equipment

Not all coworking spaces in Cebu are created equally. Aside from their coworking spaces and private offices, The Company goes above and beyond by providing these services:

  • high-speed WiFi
  • unlimited coffee and water
  • office equipment
  • mail receiving
  • The Company app
  • corporate registration
  • artistic and cool interiors
  • friendly staff
  • loads of opportunity to network

Who Is The Company For?

Cebu freelancers and digital nomads will surely benefit from everything The Company offers. This coworking space is also great for students who want to study or get their projects done in a more structured place without having to buy super expensive coffee every hour or so.

Private office at The Company coworking space
This was my office for the afternoon I visited The Company. A private office – not bad at all!

Start-up entrepreneurs will also find The Company a nice place to hang out from time to time. You can concentrate on your to-do list or take the opportunity to meet potential business partners.

You have an office job but need to finish something over the weekend and not used to working at home? Just bring your laptop to this coworking space in Mandaue and be productive.

Overall, The Company is a great place to be if you need space to finish whatever work you need to do online. And you don’t have to deal with the usual chatter or annoyances in internet cafes and coffee shops.

Flexi Plan

How much does it cost to use The Company’s facilities?

They have a Flexi Plan worth PHP 2,000 for eight one-day passes. This is consumable within 60 days. In other words, you can get into The Company 8 times within a period of two months for just 2k pesos. Each day would translate to 250/day only. Sweet deal!

This is perfect for those of you who only want to use a coworking space from time to time. Just when really needed or when sometimes you need a change of pace.

Take note: Once you become a The Company member, you can use other branches within the month/s of your membership. This is awesome because they have branches in Bangkok, Singapore, Fukuoka, and Hawaii. If you’re a digital nomad like me and will be in any of these places, you can definitely enjoy the perks of The Company’s branches there for as long as you are a member.

Other Plans and Pricing

As mentioned above, there are free-seating spaces, private offices, and events spaces available. Here are the plans and pricing details I got from their brochure:

(Note: These prices are accurate at the time of this posting but might have changed, so please contact The Company for updated rates)

Drop In – PHP 400 / day

  • 8am-8pm access
  • unlimited drinks
  • high-speed WiFi
  • office equipment (use of the printer, scanner, and copier)

This is great if you plan to use the coworking space from time to time only. You don’t have to saddle yourself with a monthly subscription plan, allowing you flexibility. To save money, take advantage of their Flexi Plan mentioned above.

Shared Seat – PHP 6,500 / month

  • 8am-8pm access
  • unlimited drinks
  • high-speed WiFi
  • office equipment
  • The Company app (be able to connect with a wide range of people and advertise your skills)
  • meeting room
  • mail receiving

You should get this plan if you intend to use The Company’s facilities more often, particularly the Meeting Room. This is also great if you need a more professional place to have your business mails delivered to.

Private Office – PHP 15,000 (2 persons) / PHP 28,000 (4 persons)

  • 24/7 access
  • unlimited drinks
  • high-speed WiFi
  • office equipment
  • The Company app
  • meeting room
  • mail receiving
  • corporate registration

Taking your business to the next level or growing your team? This plan may just be what you need. Sign up for this and they help you with corporate registration, too. One thing off your plate, right?

Meeting Room

  • Room A : PHP 600 per hour – 10 persons with a big-screen monitor
  • Room B : PHP 400 per hour – 6 persons

*** includes unlimited drinks, high-speed WiFi, and whiteboard

Event Space

  • Whole Space (200 sq.m.) – PHP 2,500 per hour
  • Small Space (50 sq.m.) – PHP 1,000 per hour

*** includes a projector, 2 mics, sound system, free drinks

Please contact them for more questions about their event space.

Get in Touch with The Company

Here are the details on how to contact The Company.

Phone numbers:

  • +63-32-384-2040 (landline)
  • +63-995-104-0499 (Globe/TM)
  • +63-920-860-6722 (Smart/Sun)

Email: thecompanycebu@gmail.com

Facebook: TheCompanyCebu

Final Notes

My experience at The Company was very pleasant. I arrived, talked to the friendly lady at the reception area, and she then set me up. She then gave me the internet password and I have no complaints regarding the WiFi speed.

I managed to do my work and even got to shoot a video for my Youtube channel, yay. (Will appreciate it if you’d subscribe there)

Oh, and did I mention that I love their wall art?

The Company coworking space wall art
Just one of the lovely art on the walls!

And guess what? I met a former co-worker there. Apparently, his boss has rented one of the private offices and they hold their meetings there, which I thought was awesome.

Who says you’ll have to have a big office building to get your business growing, right? In a way, coworking spaces are really reshaping the business landscape and helping more start-ups and small businesses to thrive and be more agile.

Aside from that, I got to speak a bit with a Japanese person working there. Since The Company is partly Japanese-owned, it is not a surprise to have a few Japanese working there at any given time. I got to use my very limited Nihongo but, hey, I got to network! Just one day at this coworking space and already I got to experience its many benefits.

people working at The Company coworking space
People getting things done!

Thank you, The Company, especially for the fact that you’re so near me. My freelancing life is definitely enriched by your presence.

By the way, they will be opening a second branch at Cebu IT Park soon to serve more Cebu freelancers, entrepreneurs, students, etc. Looking forward to that!


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