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Closing the Book That is My Life in ST

I remember it vividly, my first days in ST. After years of freelancing, I finally became part of the corporate world for the first time. Like writing a first draft, everything was uncertain 6 years ago. Would I have what it takes to write a fulfilling story while working here? Or would my story be cut short, not make it past the prologue?

ST 01Fortuately enough, I made it through several long chapters. My setting within the company shifted and evolved throughout the years just like the landscapes traversed by any adventurer in novels. I gained comrades and dealt with adversaries. Obstacles and challenges appeared on my path. I received words of wisdom from knowledgeable mentors. I learned new skills and honed what I had to start with. It was a ride filled with sudden turns of events and plot twists.

ST 02But I was still the author of the story and I achieved my goals. And now the ending has been written. Swapped the commas and semi colons for periods. Used the closing parenthesis. Crossed the Ts, dotted the Is. The time has come to finish this eventful book and put it on the bookshelf to be admired fondly. Time to move on and write a new story.

ST 03To all who taught me a lesson, I thank you. I appreciate the wisdom gained even if sometimes pain was the method of teaching.

To all the friends I’ve made in the office, you are all awesome and you inspire me to become the best version of myself, to write a better story. This is not a ‘goodbye’ but a ‘see you around’. Looking forward to you playing more parts in the next chapters of my life.

ST 04To everyone in Content Dev and Offsite who I had the pleasure of being a manager to, I am grateful for your assistance over the years and the fact that you actually listened to me. 6 years ago me wouldn’t have thought ‘manager’ would be part of the life pages I’ll write. My only hope is that somehow I’ve been helpful to you and you’ve learned something from me, no matter how small.

ST 05To the newbies, it is a shame that I only got to know you for a few months. As much as I wanted to have a hand in your development, the winds of change do not choose who gets affected. Know that you are not merely side characters in my ST story. Pleasure meeting you and I wish you all the best.

To my haters, if there are any – what YOU say about me is NONE of my business. All the negative stuff you keep spouting about me do not reflect what kind of person I am, but the kind of person you are. I could go on but I won’t waste more time on you so carry on.

ST 06

To everyone I’ve met in ST, thank you so much for everything. I wish you all the best in wherever life may take you. Stay positive and write a life story you can be proud of when on your deathbed. I know I would.

Pageone-165 signing off.


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