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Cine Europa 22 Delighted Foreign Movie Fans in Cebu!

Cine Europa 22 officially opened at the SM City Cebu, Cinema 1 on October 4, 2019. This was the film festival’s 19th year in the Philippines and it was such a treat for us Cebuanos, especially if you’re like me who enjoys foreign and non-American films. 

Cine Europa 22 Media Launch

at the cinema europa 22 in cebu
Attended the media launch of the Cine Europa 22 European Film Festiva in Cebu.

I am thankful to have attended the media lunch for this year’s European film festival in Cebu.

SM City Cebu Ms. Marissa Fernan, Vice President for SM Prime Holdings Inc, welcomed esteemed guests, friends, and moviegoers during her opening speech on the premiere night.

Fernan emphasized that “SM City Cebu is a strong supporter of culture and arts and we welcome every opportunity to host film festivals such as Cine Europa.”

The people involved with Cine Europa 22 are excited for the film festival’s future in our city.

According to her, “Film is a very powerful medium. Film has the power to bridge cultures and reach perspectives, stimulate dialog and enhance your appreciation of other cultures.”

She extended an invitation to Cine Europa to return to SM year after year and to explore other venues, such as the SM Seaside.

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Cine Europa Is for Reaching the People

Rafael de Bustamante, the EU Delegation, shared his first experience on Filipino film with Die Beautiful. He described Cine Europa as the means to reach more cities and people. This year, it is open in 12 locations around Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. 

He hopes to get more viewers and encourages everyone to promote the festival over social media. 

We had dinner outside SM Cinema 1 and we got to taste a variety of European dishes.

Spanish Embassy H.E. Ambassador Jorge Moragas Embassy of Spain said that Cebu is a fitting choice because of the long-lasting presence of Spain in Cebu, such as in schools, other institutions, and companies. 

Spain is also celebrating 500 years since 5 ships sailed East and landed in Mactan in 1521. 

He also explained the link to that night’s film screening Long Distance with Cebu. According to him, there is an indirect link. In Spain, the title of the movie is 10,000 Km and was only changed to accommodate the language. 

10,000 Km is more or less the distance between the Philippines and Spain. 

We were also serenaded by these musicians. So lovely to hear them.

Cine Europa 22 Press Screening film: “Long Distance”

After the media gathering and dinner, the movie, Long Distance, was played at the cinema.

It is a movie about a couple, Alexandra and Sergi, who had to endure the realities of a long-distance relationship after the female lead accepted a year-long internship in Los Angeles. It was an opportunity for her to relaunch her career in photography but could cost her the love of her life.  

The film showcased what the couple had to do to stay in touch and what happens to a relationship when distance gets into the picture. 

Cine Europa 22 offered 12 films about love, faith, friendship, courage, and triumph spread over 4 days from Thursday to Friday. Film screenings started on October 3, 2019 and ended on October 6, 2019.  

Cine Europa will also go to Bohol, Iloilo, and Baybay, Leyte.

Enjoying More Art and Culture in Cebu

It has always been a desire of mine to see more culture and art activities in Cebu. That is why I was super stoked about Cine Europa. This isn’t the first time I’ve attended this yearly event and I am looking forward to more in the coming years.

Cheers to Cine Europa 22 and to more film festivals in Cebu!

It would be awesome if we Cebuanos can support these kinds of film festivals and other related cultural and art shows. It would be great if the theater scene here in Cebu will flourish.

So, let’s attend these events as much as we can! I definitely enjoyed my time during this year’s Cine Europa!


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