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HappyNest – Cheap Hostel in Cebu Near Sto. Niño and Magellan’s Cross

Are you looking for a cheap hostel in Cebu while backpacking in the city? Then, you might want to check out HappyNest Hostel Cebu. It is located near Pier 1, which makes it great for anyone passing through Cebu to Bohol and other neighboring islands. The place provides affordable, modern, and clean facilities for a comfortable stay and is definitely worth checking out.

HappyNest Hostel sign or logo

Cheap Hostel in Cebu – HappyNest Details

A convenient backpackers hostel in downtown Cebu, you’ll appreciate what this accommodation can offer.

what you'll see at the HappyNest check-in counter

Who should stay here?

Backpackers, people who prefer hostels, anyone who is okay with dorm-type accommodation, anyone looking for a cheap hostel in Cebu, and someone who is looking for a transient hotel or house in the city.

Where is this cheap hostel in Cebu located?

HappyNest Hostel (Near Plaza Independencia) Behind Toyota MJ Cuenco, Cebu City (can also appear on the map as located on Lapu Lapu Street, Cebu City – not to be confused with Lapu Lapu, Mactan)

  • Around 5 minutes walk to Pier 1 where the public boats and fast crafts for Bohol and other neighboring islands are docked.
  • Within walking distance of Old Cebu tourist attractions – Sto. Niño Church, Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, Plaza Independencia, and a museum or two.
  • Plenty of food establishments around.
Sto. Nino Church Cebu City
Sto. Nino Church and Magellan’s Cross are just within walking distance from HappyNest.



Price range

Expect to pay around PHP 500 – 800 depending on the room. This is a very reasonable price for a backpackers accommodation. Breakfast may or may not be included.


  • Female Only Room is available
  • Mixed Dormitory Room is also available
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Unlimited Wi-fi
  • Comfortable bunk bed with private curtain
  • Bedside light & outlet
  • Lockers for valuables
  • Shared hot & cold shower
  • Shared toilet with bidet
  • Security
  • Water dispenser
  • Hand soap
  • Cup noodles you can buy
  • Parking spot

Where to book

You can contact HappyNest Hostel Cebu via their Facebook page or book them via Booking.com.

Cheap Hostel in Cebu that Offers a Quality Stay

My friends and I had the opportunity to stay at HappyNest Hostel for one night. We were in the area because we wanted to watch a theater show in SM Seaside. Since I live in Mandaue, going to and from SM Seaside in just a space of a few hours is such a pain because of the considerable distance.

So, I proposed a staycation for my friends. Why don’t we stay somewhere near SM Seaside and make a mini vacation out of it? Of course, we wanted low-cost accommodation. And so we stayed at HappyNest!

This is my review of the hostel.

One of the dorm-type rooms in HappyNest Hostel Cebu.
Me chilling inside our room, which can accommodate 4 people.

First and foremost, the hostel really does provide affordable accommodation in Cebu City. It is meant for backpackers and so all the rooms are dorm types. There were three people in our group and the owner was kind enough to put us in a room for four. That meant that we had the room basically all to ourselves!

Generally though, if you stay in a hostel, expect to share the room with strangers. If you are a woman and you wish to bunk with other ladies only, don’t worry. HappyNest does have an all-female room available. For couples, you can stay in the mixed-dormitory room.

One of my friends, Aldrin, channeling his tropical vibe inside one of the hostel’s rooms.

The beds were comfortable enough and you can have privacy since there is a curtain for each bed. There’s also an overhead light for the whole room and lighting for each bunk bed. That means that the room light can be turned off but someone who doesn’t want to sleep yet can still use their individual bed light.

As for charging your phones and other devices, there is an outlet for each bed space. There’s even a tiny shelf there where you can place your stuff without them getting in the way of a comfortable night’s sleep.

Clean Bathrooms with High-Pressure Shower

I have stayed in a few hostels while traveling. One of the things I often have a problem with is the toilet and bath. I’m okay with the shared aspect of it. By the way, this means that the toilets and shower rooms are located outside of the rooms. This is the nature of hostels. Ensuite bathrooms are often not a thing.

Love the modern sinks and the nice quote you can see in the mirror.

Anyway, my problem with hostels’ showers and toilets are often water pressure. Also, sometimes, toilets run out of tissue paper or do not have a bum gun/bidet. This is obviously a problem when you’re answering the call of nature.

Here’s a wider picture of this area. I seriously like this industrial yet warm kind of interior design.

Thankfully, HappyNest’s showers are modern and provide hot and cold water. Even if they are a cheap hostel in Cebu, that doesn’t mean their facilities are lacking.

The shower pressure is very satisfactory as well. As for the toilets, there was no short supply of toilet paper while we were there. Liquid handsoap was also available near the sinks. I definitely appreciated all of these!

HappyNest Hostel Has Pretty, Contemporary Interiors

From the outside, HappyNest looks like any dated building in downtown Cebu. Do not be disheartened by this because the inside is clean and modern.

HappyNest Hostel Cebu

In fact, they have this modern tropical vibe going on. My friends and I loved the bright colors inside. Each room also had nice artwork on the walls in keeping with the theme. The furniture in the common area are modern-looking as well and very comfortable.

I found it super easy to chill in this hostel.

The place had a minimalist and warm vibe that positively spoke to the traveler in me. In short, I loved the interiors!

I really like this contemporary, yellow chair!

What about Security?

I believe HappyNest has ample security. There is a guard at night and CCTVs installed. They also provide lockers for your valuables just in case you do not wish to leave them inside your bunk bed while exploring Cebu City.

Breakfast and Cafe

Aside from the common area in front of the reception desk, guests can also hang out at the small cafe inside the hostel. You can order coffee there and you can also eat your breakfast there. Or you can buy food outside and then eat your meal inside the hostel. Feel free to mingle with other guests. This is the beauty of hostels, after all.

This is their cafe/eating area where Aldrin and I decided to get some work done as well.
The next day, Roneth, the other friend who was with us during our stay, also took advantage of this area to do some work. ^_^

Friendly and Helpful Staff

HappyNest Hostel Cebu has friendly staff. They answered our questions and catered to our requests as best they could. In fact, I got up at 2 AM (well I haven’t slept since I’m a night owl) and ordered a cup noodle since I was feeling peckish.

The staff on duty attended to my needs. He even heated the noodles for me. Thank you!

There’s one of the HappyNest staff making our coffee!

The owner was also there during the afternoon of our stay. He was very friendly to the guests and was constantly smiling. He really made us and the others there feel that HappyNest is indeed a place to be happy!

Do check out HappyNest if you are looking for a cheap hostel in Cebu! They were still in their soft opening when we stayed there but they will officially open very soon!


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