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Models and Fitness Enthusiasts Bid for the Century Tuna Superbods 2020 Title!

Century Tuna Superbods gear up for this year’s summer! In line with that, a go-see or audition was held in Seda Hotel, Ayala Cebu on February 16, 2020.

Century Tuna Superbods 2020 Cebu
Some of the hopefuls for this year’s Century Tuna Superbods Cebu Go-See

Everybod Can Be a Superbod

The Century Tuna Everybod Can Be a Superbod happens every two years. The goal is to search for one man and one woman to become the brand’s ambassador.

Fitness enthusiasts and aspiring models throughout the country are invited to participate. This is why they held a go-see in Cebu City. The participants who made the cut here will then have to fly to Manila to compete in the final event on February 27, 2020.

The event host for Century Tuna Superbods Cebu
the event host

The winners will then go on to spread the advocacy of Century Tuna, which is all about eating healthy and staying fit. They will also receive PHP 500,000 each plus other exciting perks.

models at the Century Tuna Superbods
some more models and fitness enthusiasts who auditioned.

The competition is open to men and women aged 18 to 60. Competitors must be physically fit, have a pleasing personality, have no prior endorsements from any competing brand, and must have Filipino heritage (non-pure Filipinos are welcome). They must also be residing in the Philippines from February to May 2020.

What Happened in the Cebu Go See?

The Century Tuna Superbods Go See in Cebu was held from 10AM-5PM at the basement convention hall of Seda, Ayala Cebu.

the event judges

The judges on that day were the following notables:

  • Carlo Endaya – Marketing Director for Century Tuna
  • Soc Fajardo – Associate Creative Director for PC&V Communications
  • John De Lara Spainhour – Century Tuna Superbod 2012 Grand Winner, Male Category

Models and fitness advocates went in to showcase their beautifully fit bodies and commitment to their health advocacies.

The women looked gorgeous in their bikinis and the men sizzled in their trunks. It was awesome to hear about their diet, exercise routines, and overall health regimen. Very inspiring, too.

Some of the participants that day came from the city and even from the other islands surrounding Cebu. Each one had different skills to offer and advocacies to champion, but everyone gave it their best.

The judges asked each participant a set of questions to determine what motivates them to live healthily and what their fitness regimen is like.

According to one judge, Mr. Spainhour, they were looking for someone who “can live the life, maintain the aspect (of what Century Tuna is looking for)” and surpass the challenges.

As for what these challenges are, he said that these were about projecting yourself properly and confidence. Ultimately, they are looking for Superbods who can walk the talk.

About Century Tuna and Living Healthy

Century Tuna is one of the leading brands of canned tuna here in the Philippines. Aside from the popular Flakes in Oil, they also have the Hot and Spicy and the Premium Red Chunks in Water.

Century Tuna Premium Red
one of the delicious Century Tuna products – Premium Red

They hold this event every two years to look for ambassadors who can spread the message of the brand, which is to eat healthily, take care of one’s heart, and live a healthy lifestyle.

rich in Omega 3

Many of the aspirants who attended the go-see are definitely on the right track.

I found several people who were inspiring. There was one mom there who got diagnosed with an illness and had to make major life changes. She managed to become healthier and fitter for her kids. There were also dads there who are championing a healthier lifestyle for their families.

That inspiring mom. I hope she makes it!

Other models wanted to promote discipline and confidence, while still others want to spread the word about the benefits of being healthy.

Overall, it was a great and inspiring day. And as Century Tuna says, “Everybod can be a Superbod!” Let’s aim for a fitter body and a healthier life!


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