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Bonding Over Caffeine at Coffee Prince

My friends and I found ourselves at Coffee Prince (A.S. Fortuna branch) one fine Saturday night.

At first we went to 10 Dove Street Confectionery, but it was so crowded. So we headed to the gleaming lights of Coffee Prince instead and that turned out to be a great decision!

The smell of coffee and sweet things wafted to my nostrils as we drew near. Then I spotted a standing bouquet that typically adorns the entrances of newly opened businesses. So they’re new in the area, obviously.

inside Coffee Prince AS Fortuna Cebu
As you can see, the establishment is spacious and bright.

The place was by no means deserted. In fact, even at close to 11 PM, most of the tables were occupied.

Here then is my review of Coffee Prince, A.S. Fortuna branch. I apologize for the pics though for I only had my wonky phone camera at that time 🙁

Elegant Modern Decor

It is readily apparent that the place is Korean cafe-inspired because of the two-tiered nooks and squat-style seating arrangement. All the nooks were occupied so we ended up at this circular space in the center of the room, right across the counter. Seating there is the regular kind, which I thought was nice as it provides an option to those who don’t want to squat or take off their shoes.

pendant ornaments and bright lights
pendant ornaments and bright lights

The place was bright and cute, with many adorable stuffed toys and cushy pillows lying around in stylish abandon. The lights at the center of the room are blue and very modern chic. There were these pendant ornaments hanging from the lights as well, which gave an overall feel of sophistication.

Fuss-Free Ordering

The cafe menu was displayed prominently above the counter, as usual. Ordering was easy, again as usual. Approach the counter, place your orders, pay, then go back to your seat and wait for your order. Ours came soon enough and was brought by one of the staff, all of whom were dressed in neat black and white.

Coffee Prince AS Fortuna cozy interiors
I hope you can see the menu there at the far back. Meanwhile, notice the dude half-shown on the left of this pic. He looks mighty comfortable 😀

How Was the Drinks and Food?

No complaints from me! The Java Chip I ordered came just with the right kick of caffeine to get me going until Sunday morning 😀 I even finished a blog post for my long overdue Cambodia series a few hours after drinking. The inspiration to write just came gushing forth. Premium coffee is definitely a wonderful thing!

Java Chip and Hot Macchiato from Coffee Prince
Java Chip and Hot Macchiato

My friends ordered Hot Macchiato and had no complaints either. The brew smelled great and hit the right spot. We also managed to order Carbonara and Bulgogi Nachos. We devoured them so quickly that nothing was left to photograph.

Prices range from 120 – 250 PHP, typical of cafes in Cebu. Overall, I thought it was good value for money, considering the ambiance and service were great. My friends and I got so comfortable there and we had a lot of fun just talking and catching up.

Got to Interview the Owners

As I was chatting with my friends, I noticed a Korean guy monitoring the staff and picking up the slack wherever needed. I even saw him pick up a tissue paper that a customer dropped and abandoned on the floor. So I thought he might be the manager or the owner. I also found his attentiveness admirable.

So I plucked the courage to chat him up. I asked if he was the owner and he nodded. He also said yes to a short interview, yay! Another younger Korean guy joined in and I believe they were both owners.

I wondered out loud if the cafe was based on the Korean drama series The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. Apparently it isn’t. It is inspired by actual Korean princes, or rather their bling. I was told, those pendant ornaments hanging from the lights are reminiscent of the decor that hangs from a prince’s crown. I kinda got what he was talking about because I’ve watched several period Korean dramas in the past. Still, I looked it up and here’s the best I could find. I could be totally wrong though…

A crown and belt from the Silla Dynasty of South Korea. Image Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
A crown and belt from the Silla Dynasty of South Korea.
Image Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Another thing I learned was that this was the second Coffee Prince branch in Cebu, the first being in the Capitol area across Cebu Doctor’s.

When asked why they opened a cafe here in Cebu, the two owners graciously answered that they want to share the Korean cafe culture to Filipinos. From what I’ve seen over the past years and based on the many groups who were happily chilling inside the cafe, I think Filipinos have adapted very nicely. 🙂

Final Notes

We totally enjoyed our time there. The place was nice and clean, the staff were polite, the owners were gracious, and the food and drinks met expectations. Anyone who loves cafes and hanging out with friends should definitely give this a try.

Oh, and here’s a photo of their Rainbow Cake. You’re welcome. ^_~

rainbow cake from Coffee Prince
the color of sweet


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