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Do Pizza and Japanese Cuisine Mix? blu Cat Pizzeria & Restobar Believes So!

Despite its name, blu Cat Pizzeria & Restobar does not have a blue-colored cat wandering around its premises granting wishes or giving you special powers. I thought I might as well get this out there in case you were expecting some real live kitties in this post. Sorry to disappoint!

thin crust pizza at blu Cat Cebu
Just some of the delicious pizza you can try at blu Cat.

What this Japanese restobar does have are wonderfully delectable dishes to munch on for lunch as well as dinner. Though pizza isn’t likely the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Japanese cuisine, you’ll see that this establishment is definitely worth a visit when you’re having the munchies in the Mandaue area.

Never Heard of This Place Before?

If you’ve ever been to Matsunoya on Sacris Road, you’ll find blu Cat Pizzeria & Restobar in the same building. There are two entrance doors with the furthest one leading to the billiards hall and the other going to the dining area.

the bar at blu Cat
the bar area

The Restobar

There are a total of four international-quality billiard tables where you can enjoy a match or two. Fun fact: tournaments are sometimes held here which goes to show how the equipment meets certain standards. I may not play billiards myself but this is nice to know for those who do, right?

pool table at blu Cat
Want to play pool? Feel free here!

Also, there are two karaoke rooms that can comfortably seat ten people each. One of these is carpeted and has zabutons. I’m thinking to come back here just to try this particular room out for Japanese-style croaking-like-a-frog singing. For now, let’s move on to the dining area.

karaoke room at blu Cat
Sing your heart out! Why not, right?

The Pizzeria

In terms of interior design, it’s cozy with a wine bar in the back wall.

True to form for a Japanese establishment, there’s a separate area for customers who would like to smoke while eating. This lounge is air-conditioned and comes with a darts board to keep customers entertained apart from the billiards and karaoke.

The buffet has an L-shaped setup in the middle of the dining area with the tables arranged around it and more seating upstairs.

buffet at blu Cat
Enjoy blu Cat’s buffet.

When it first opened, blu Cat only had pizza on the menu until it eventually branched out to burgers. It’s clear that these are its specialties—they’re absolutely delicious! Hontou ni oishii-desu~

The thin-crust pizzas are not lacking in toppings and the burger patties are juicy. The special sauce in the burgers is sure to give other places a run for their money. It’s just that good!

delicious burger at blu Cat
Don’t you just wanna eat that burger?!

The lunch buffet is a newer addition to the menu. It was a seasonal offering last year but has since become a regular thing thanks to its popularity.

There’s shrimp tempura, squid tempura, spicy fried crabs, grilled pork, a salad bar, a pasta bar, and vegetable okonomiyaki. Not bad for its price and the taste is a huge yes for me.

Visit Them This Month (August)!

Want to pay blu Cat Pizzeria & Restobar a visit? Make sure you do this month as it’s celebrating its third anniversary. The celebration is going to last for the whole of August 2019 and features the following awesome discounts available from Monday to Thursday, 11am to 6pm.

  • 199 pesos Beer Bucket Promo (4 +1 any San Miguel Beer products) 
  • 499 pesos Karaoke Promo (4 to 5 people, consumable for 2 hours)
  • 99 pesos Billiards Promo (1 hour per table)

The lunch buffet is still available at 199 per head excluding VAT, every day from Monday to Sunday between 11am to 2pm.

Mark your calendars especially for the 24th for a grand birthday party with a guest band. Bring your friends and family for a night of music, munching and more!

Contributor: Arcel Jane


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