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VIP Day for Big Bad Wolf Members and Guests – Happy Day for Book Lovers!

The Big Bad Wolf is back and held its VIP day on August 15, 2019.

big bad wolf in Cebu
Big Bad Wolf, the World’s biggest book sale, is here in Cebu once more and is awesome as always!

The “world’s biggest book sale” is back in Cebu, bringing a diverse range of books in various genres for all book lovers out there. 

Preview Day Details

This day marked the book sale’s preview day where guests, VIP members of the Big Bad Wolf, and other participants leisurely perused through a huge array of books, ranging from Children to Non-Fiction and other reading materials. 

The Big Bad Wolf will be open to the public starting from August 16, 2019, until August 26, 2019. The 10-day sale is held at the IEC Convention Center Cebu (IC3) and will be open to everyone for 24 hours. 

Shoppers can buy books at awesomely low prices with discounts starting at 50% to 90%.

Why the Big Bad Wolf?

According to Dexter of the Big Bad Wolf, the idea was to present the famous villain from the fairy tales into a more positive light. Rather than devouring whoever or whatever comes his way, huffing, and puffing, the wolf is giving back. 

Big Bad Wolf books for sale
And so here are the many, many books you can get at Big Bad Wolf.

The founders wanted people to have access to low-priced books. They buy books in bulk and pay less for them. Whatever savings they make, they pass on to the buyers. Thus, the start of the biggest book caravan. 

Become a member of the Big Bad Wolf!

Everyone is encouraged to become a part of the community. Membership is free and everyone who joins can get discounts on top of existing discounts for specific books. It’s the best way to enjoy more savings for your purchase and take home more books in the process. 

interesting books at Big Bad Wolf
Get your fave books at very low prices.

Membership is also quick and easy. Just present a valid ID at the payment counter, along with contact information. Discounts are applied right then. 

A treasure trove of books

Big Bad Wolf offers shoppers both new and pre-loved items, paperback and hardcover, thick and thin. There are books for people of all ages, with coloring materials and puzzles for children. 

Books are sold by the piece or by collection, such as Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl and the works of Paulo Coelho. 

Artemis Fowl set at Big Bad Wolf
Loving Artemis’ piercing gaze on that cover!

There are Treasure Island sections where all sorts of books from famous authors such as John Grisham, Michael Crichton, and James Patterson, are laid out and sold for less than PHP100, regardless if they’re paperback or hardcover. 

As the name suggests, you’ll have to rummage and hunt through the pile of goodies to find the treasure you want to take home with you. But it will be worth it. 

More boxes of books are being unloaded, so expect more treasures to hunt on the next 10 days. 

more books at Big Bad Wolf book caravan
more interesting book covers

It’s not yet clear where the caravan will be held after the Cebu leg. For more information, follow them on Facebook at Big Bad Wolf Books

Books have the power to transport readers to different places and experience something new with every page turned. They are time machines that either take readers back in time or show them what the future might be like. 

Big Bad Wolf provides the carpet for that magic ride. 

Six Haunted Hairdos at Big Bad Wolf Cebu
Who here knows this book?

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