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Rejuvenate and Find Yourself in Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort

There’s nothing like going to a nature retreat to chase the stresses away and spend quality time with yourself. If you are looking for exactly this, then choose Bantayan Island Nature Park as your accommodation the next time you are on the island.

Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort entrance sign
Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort

Yes, BINP doesn’t have a beachfront and you might be asking why stay there when Bantayan Island is best known for its powdery white-sand beaches? Well, let me count the various reasons why!

It’s a Nature Park!

Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort is a huge property that not only provides comfortable and spacious accommodations but also lush trees, nature trails, direct access to the ocean, and beautiful sunrises. There are even cute cats freely roaming in the resort.

Allow the sound of the waves to lull you to sleep at night and then wake up to birdsong early in the morning. The whole nature park just gives you this energy from nature each day you’re staying there.

Cave Pool

My friends and I arrived at Bantayan Island Nature Park in the evening. As we were making our way to our room, we passed by this sign that there was a cave pool. Excited and curious, we immediately took a look. And we were promptly wowed!

swimming at the cave pool at night
Couldn’t resist a swim at the cave pool! Fortunately, we were the only people there at that time! <3

You have to go down a few steps to enter the cave. The resort installed handrails so to make the way safer. The cave is big enough that you won’t feel constricted. Inside is a natural pool, the depth of which varies depending on the tides. The whole area is lighted up at night.

I was so happy to see that cave pool that I couldn’t resist a night swim!

Olympic-Sized Pool

After enjoying the cave pool, my friend Aldrin and I decided to do some more swimming at the resort’s Olympic-sized pool. Yes, they have one and it is perfect for pool lovers. You can swim as much as you please. There is also a smaller-sized pool for kids to one side. You can also get a good view of the ocean while swimming in the pool.

enjoying a morning swim at the resort's pool
Enjoying the ocean view while swimming at the pool!

We highly recommend a night swim under the twinkling stars!

Swimming at the Bantayan Island Nature Park Olympic-sized pool
Enjoying the resort’s pool – day and night!

Delicious Dishes and Gourmet Dangit

Bantayan Island Nature Park serves super delicious meals at their restaurant. We enjoyed dishes with fresh ingredients, some of which were grown right there at the resort. The best part was when we got to try their Gourmet Dangit. Who knew that this often considered humble fish species can be elevated to a gourmet dish!

Gourmet Dangit from Bantayan Island Nature Park
The Gourmet Dangit you can enjoy at Bantayan Island Nature Park or take home with you!

We got to try a pasta dish with gourmet dangit and also Gumamela shake, which was amazing! Seriously, the food at BINP will satisfy your palate every time!

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Another impressive thing about Bantayan Island Nature Park is that they are run by socially and environmentally responsible people. They have their own composting system and they process their garbage in the most effective way possible.

The resort also sponsors community events and they help in the conservation of Bantayan’s natural resources. They are not just a business. They are a steward of the environment and work tirelessly to ensure that Bantayan can be enjoyed by many more generations to come. I hope that other resorts on the island will follow their example.

Comfortable and Spacious Rooms

As mentioned above, the resort provides guests with spacious rooms that allow for maximum relaxation. My friends and I definitely enjoyed our stay there and had a great night’s sleep.

The rooms at Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort
The rooms where my friends and I stayed in.

The rooms are clean and well-appointed. No complaints with the bathroom either. Plus, there’s hot shower available – something I always appreciate in any accommodation, even in this tropical country.

Direct Access to the Ocean

The resort does not have a beach front but they do have access to the ocean. We enjoyed an early morning swim after enjoying the sunrise at their view deck. Herbert (another friend I was with when we stayed there) jumped into the ocean and I followed suit. It was so fun and I felt like a kid again!

jumping into the ocean
Here’s Herbert jumping into the ocean! I followed right after haha.

Fish Spa

If you want more relaxation, why not try the resort’s fish spa. Get rid of those dead skin and have your feet feel awesome!

Value for Money

All in all, Bantayan Island Nature Park provides great value for your money. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to get there from the Sta. Fe port but they do provide transport services for guests.

Here are their rates and other details for when you decide to book a room there:

Day Tour – Php 200 

Standard Room | 2 Person – Php 2,500

Deluxe Room | 2 Persons – Php 3,300

Superior Room | 2 Persons – Php 3,500

Bungalow | 2 Persons – Php 4,500

Family Room | 6 Persons (Dorm Type) – Php 4,000

Family Room | 10 Persons (Dorm Type) – Php 7,500

  • Inclusions ( Fully Air-conditioned Rooms | Wellness | Day Tour | Cave Pool | Fish Spa | Wading Pool | Bar and Resto | Picnic Areas)

Extra mattress – Php 500

Extra Bedroom – Php 600

You can reach them at their Facebook page: Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort

Thank you so much to sir Allan Monreal and the resort staff who welcomed us and made us feel so at home!

The resort is such a nice and relaxing place perfect for spending quality time with yourself surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Welcomed the sunrise at Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort
Welcomed the sunrise with open arms and a joyous heart.


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