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Bai Hotel Is Here to Satisfy Your Discerning Palate!

I had the opportunity to visit Bai Hotel around the time that they had their soft opening and I was really happy about the experience.

Bai Hotel (Image source: DriftStories)

For one, I am excited about the fact that this huge hotel (one that can totally play on the same levels as the bigwigs in the city like Radisson Blu, Marco Polo, and Waterfront) is in Mandaue. As a Mandauehanon, I have always lamented the slower development of my home city compared to other major areas in Cebu. Mandaue has always been such an industrial city filled with factories. But, finally, here’s this amazing hotel in the area that is ready to capitalize on Mandaue’s potential to be a tourist hub and foodie destination!

Bai Hotel Is a Haven for Food Lovers

Bai Hotel is huge, with 22 floors and 668 rooms available by end of March. And get this Рwhether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, or bar drinks РBai Hotel has got you covered. At the ground floor, they have two restaurants: Marble + Grain Steakhouse and Ume Japanese Cuisine.

The master chefs from Marble + Grain Steakhouse and Ume.

They also have a pool bar and the newly opened Twilight Roofdeck bar. Aside from that, they have a coffee shop in the premises and their buffet restaurant, Cafe Bai, is definitely worth your time.

Marble + Grain Steakhouse

Marble + Grain Steakhouse serves one of the best tasting steaks I’ve eaten here in Cebu. Their beef is dry-aged, which means the meat is hung from a rack to dry for a few weeks. This process ensures that all of the good flavors are trapped in the meat so that once it is served on your table, you’ll have nothing but a superb gastronomic experience!

I cannot get over this steak!

Bai’s steakhouse also serves all kinds of wine and its kitchen is run by chefs who know damn well what they are doing. So, if you are looking for your next fine-dining destination, the Marble + Grain Steakhouse is highly recommended.

Ume Japanese Cuisine

I love Japanese cuisine and so I was really pleased to know that there is a Japanese restaurant inside Bai Hotel. Got the chance to taste their sashimi and I was wowed! It was so fresh and tasty and presented so beautifully. Plus, the restaurant’s interiors are quite cozy, perfect for enjoying sumptuous dinners with your family or special someone.

Ume’s sashimi boat that sailed right to my heart!

Cafe Bai for Buffet Enthusiasts

If buffets are more your style, then Cafe Bai will not disappoint. It provides a wide selection of dishes to please your tastebuds no matter what you are craving for. I especially enjoyed their Chinese food and meats. They also serve pasta, tons of dessert, and even have a halo-halo station!

So many delicious stuff to try at Cafe Bai!
I particularly enjoyed the Chinese food section of the buffet.
Spacious and pleasant dining hall for buffet lovers.

Bai Hotel Pool Bar

If you are looking for a place to escape the tropical heat of Cebu and enjoy delicious drinks with your friends as well, then head to Bai Hotel. They have a pool and a pool-side bar that will definitely meet your requirements and more. Day or night, you’ll enjoy gorgeous views. Have loads of fun swimming in the pool and feel like you’re on top of the world, too!

Feeling the summer hear? Enjoy Bai’s pool and the beautiful Mandaue cityscape at the same time!
Just one of the refreshing drinks that the pool bar offers.

Twilight Roofdeck Bar

My second visit to Bai Hotel was to attend the soft opening of the Twilight Roofdeck Bar. I arrived there in the evening and I was blown away by the gorgeous city views that greeted me. Here is a more detailed review of this amazing place. I enjoyed its very chill environment and Twilight serves uniquely delicious bar food, too.

What’s really awesome is that Twilight serves mocktails. As a teetotaler (someone who doesn’t drink alcohol), I always struggle when I go to bars since these places are normally where you drown in alcohol. Finding mocktails can be so difficult. But not at Twilight. That alone is reason enough for me to return again and again!

Bai Hotel Coffee Shop

Whatever your reason for checking into Bai Hotel, if you are a coffee lover, then you’ll appreciate the fact that there’s a coffee shop within the hotel’s premises. Enjoy a good brew whenever you need it! I have not yet tried their coffee shop but I heard that prices there are reasonable enough.

Fantastic Facilities

Bai Hote bills itself as a 4-star hotel, yet I think they provide 5-star service. The facilities are excellent and the building’s architecture and interior designs are quite tasteful and elegant.

I loved Bai hotel’s clean and elegant architectural lines! This photo was taken at the lobby.

I have not stayed in one of their rooms yet although I plan to remedy this soon. My visits there were mainly to try out their food. But the lobby, the elevators, and the overall feel of the hotel facilities are great.

This leads to the elevators. There are numerous lifts to take guests up and down the building. No need for long queues at the elevators.

Excellent Service

Bai Hotel takes the security of their guests seriously. You will see this immediately right at the entrance as everyone is required to go through a security scan.

Once inside, all of the hotel’s staff will assist you graciously. Just go to the reception area to ask about whatever you need. When I got there and ask where Twilight bar was located, the reception lady actually called for a person to assist me. Every staff I interacted with were highly courteous and helpful as well.

Gorgeous Views

The beautiful city views that you can experience while lounging at the hotel’s pool area or at the Twilight Roofdeck bar are excellent. Seriously, even if you don’t check in, it is still worth visiting their roofdeck and pool bars to enjoy the gorgeous views. Whether you go there while the sun is still up or during the evening, you’ll have a visual treat!

Who doesn’t want to chill at a place with beautiful sceneries?
Beautiful night cityscape view from Bai Hotel’s Twilight Roofdeck Bar.
Just gotta love these views!

All in all, Bai Hotel is an amazing place and the best part is that it is built by Cebuanos for Cebuanos and to showcase the Cebuano hospitality to the rest of the world!

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