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Welcome to Toploading for Life! You’ve just stumbled onto my humble corner of the internet where I aim not to boast or satisfy vain urges, but to focus my will and boost the drive to live this life to the fullest. Plus, I’m itching to get back to writing!

What is “toploading”?


toploading, riding on the roof of a jeepney
why limit yourself to riding inside the closed confines of a jeepney when you can ride on the roof, feel the wind on your face, and be free!

That’s me, a toploader. My name’s Dannea and I want to live life to the fullest. I’d rather be up there on the moving jeepney’s roof than inside it. In other words, I don’t want to just exist. I want to go out there and discover, feel, be surprised, learn many profound things, and continuously redefine my perceptions of this world through the new places I see and new people I meet.

To be honest, I’ve never actually toploaded before, but that is definitely in my to-do-before-you-die list!

I was born in Cebu, Philippines but I consider myself a budding world citizen. Travel is my primary passion and you’ll certainly see evidence of that in this blog. I do have other interests and those are covered in this blog as well, so expect to find diverse topics here. If you do happen to share my interests or have something to say about my stories and opinions here, I’d appreciate you leaving comments. However, beware for rude comments will feel the wrath of the comment box gods! ^_~

So why exactly did I create this blog again?

Well, let’s just say I’ve had start-fresh moments before that never really amounted to anything. But this time it’s different. This time I feel I could really finish things that I start, accomplish the goals that I will think about, and fulfill my dreams. Sounds cheesy I know, but there it is – I’m going to make sure that moving forward, I create excellent experiences in my life.

For that reason, I hope to use this blog as a very effective tool for sharpening my focus and strengthening my drive to make things happen. Oh I’ve had blogs before; in fact I’ve had more than 10 over the years. Unfortunately, they have all fallen victims to neglect. I could make excuses, but I won’t. I’ll just move forward instead. I’ve purged my Blogger account of all my blogs. Yes, I deleted them. They are all gone and I feel wonderful! I am now going to focus my energies on this single blog and it will be the best chronicle of my life.

So, once again, welcome to Toploading for Life!